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Pateley Cemetery

Plan of Stonefall Cemetery, Harrogate, showing denomination sections

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Commonwealth graves

The Cemetery Research Group (CRG) at the University of York aims to expand an understanding of current and past burial culture in the UK and internationally, by studying the ways in which social, emotional and religious concerns have interacted with economic and political imperatives to frame burial practice.

About cemeteries

What are cemeteries and how can we understand them?

Annual event

CRG organises the annual Cemeteries Colloquium, bringing together national and international researchers from all disciplines to share their latest research. The next Colloquium will take place at the University of York on the 17 May 2019. A call for papers has now been issued.



Our research

CRG has conducted research for local authorities and informed national debate on cemeteries and their use. 

We offer consultancy and specialist research knowledge undertaking audits and surveys, and we have contributed to the wider socio-cultural discussions on cemeteries and burial.

Funerary International

Funerary International is a new series of essential reference texts for international funerary activity.

Latest work

About CRG

CRG was founded in 1990 and is led by Dr Julie Rugg, University of York.