Postgraduate modules

Through these pages you will be able to preview brief module outlines:

You can also use the tables below to see how the modules relate to each degree programme.

Modules in the Department

All postgraduate (MA/MRes/MPA) Social Policy modules, and the MRes Social Work modules, are taught solely to postgraduates. The relatively small selection of modules for these programmes is due to the way these modules have been developed for study at an advanced level only, and specifically for these degree programmes. Graduates, and employers of graduates, of these programmes can be assured that their degree is of a focused, high standard, and that the programme has been designed with specific objectives in mind.

The Online Masters modules are taught soley online and there is no classroom-based component. The modules are written specially for online delivery, incorporating a wide range of online resources and activities through a well-structured narrative. Online modules are not copies of campus-based modules. Up to two Online Masters modules may also be taken as stand-alone short courses, for professional development.

Modules from the MA Social Work programme include a mix of the qualifying Social Work modules required to meet GSCC accreditation and postgraduate-only modules. Though you may share some lectures with BA students, you will have seminars and group teaching at a postgraduate level, providing ample opportunity for advanced study.

Comparison tables

MA Social Policy, MPA CASPPER, MRes

Key: C = Compulsory. O = Option choice.

Advanced Qualitative Methods    C
 Advanced Quantitative Methods   C
Applied Policy Research Placement     C    
Applied Policy Transfer Project     C    
Comparative Social Policy: Governance, Management and Delivery C    
Comparative and International Social Policy: Research Methods   C C    
Domains of Social Work Research         C
 Globalisation and Social Policy O C C    
 Graduate Dissertation Workshops   C
 Introduction to Social Research Methods C C
 Social Policy Analysis    
 Social Work Research: Evidence, Understanding and Justice        
Systematic Review Report     C    

MA Social Work

 Compulsory modules
Communication Skills for Social Work
Current Debates in Social Work Practice
Human Development
ICT for Social Work
Human Development 
Law and Social Policy 
Placement (1 and 2) 
Preparation for Practice 
Reflective Practice
Social Work Research
Theories and Models for Social Work Practice 
Option modules
Health and Disability Social Work
Social Work with Children and Families
Social Work and Mental Health
Youth Social Work 

Online MA programmes

Key: C = Compulsory module for the certificate stage. D = Compulsory module for the diploma stage. O = Option module.

Public Management and Delivery  C  
Policy Analysis and Process  C
Leading and Managing Change O D
 Using Evidence in Social Policy D
 Strategic Planning
The Economics of Public Service Reform  
 Societal and Political Issues in Development    
 Governance and Public Administration C
 Public Finance O O  
 Organisational Learning and Performance O
 Comparative Social Policy  
 Globalisation and Social Policy
 Labour Markets, Work and Welfare    
 Project Management  
Introduction to Research Methods O    
 Public Policy and Management in the Information Age