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Details of PhD theses are available through the University of York Library catalogue.

Fai Fang A study of the difficulties and support available for bereaved parents in China as a result of the one-child policy.  2020
Victoria Jagne Living with long-standing mental health in old age: A qualitative systematic review and narrative inquiry.  2020
Cangheng Liu How can an emerging economy, such as China, best balance the needs of capital and the needs of citizens: International, national and regional lessons.  2020
Ling Ge How to accommodate informal settlements' dwellers in Beijing, China. 2019
Davis Kiima Ethnicity considerations and their influence in social workers' decisions when intervening with families of black and ethnic minority background. 2019
Kyunghwn Kim Why do East Asian countries diverge on immigrants’ social rights? 2019
Jieun Lee Ways to reform income security systems to mitigate poverty among Korean senior citizens: Comparing restructuring income security systems in England, Sweden and Japan. 2019
Eppie Leishman Sexuality, Resilience and Wellbeing: An LGBT+ Perspective. 2019
Sophia Mackinder State building and social protection: the state in post-conflict contexts. 2019
Maria Smith Pay Satisfaction Amongst Higher Education Staff: An interpretive and gendered approach. 2019
Helen Stinson Coping with conditionality: An exploration of the impact of welfare conditionality on vulnerable people. 2019
Gregory White Policy, protest and power: Investigating contemporary perspectives and engagements of new social movements. 2019
Blaise Fofung Vudinga Social protection in Cameroon: critical perspectives on the impact of social protection schemes, through the performance of the state and non-state social protection providers. 2019
Binrui Zheng Is China moving towards a welfare state? 2019
Joanne Bretherton Gender Dimensions in Conceptualisations of Homelessness: Theoretical and operational (in)visibility. 2018
Darren Baxter The incidence and social, economic and neighbourhood effect of involuntary home moves. 2018 
Meredith Newlin The translation of health and social research to international contexts to maximise the impact of best practices and potentially effective results from the Connecting People Intervention (CPI) Study. 2018
Hyungyung Moon Explaining institutional change of the welfare state in Korea. 2018
Laura Bainbridge The occurrence and realities of the phenomenon of ‘international-subnational’ crime and justice policy transfer. 2017
Jonny Lovell To investigate perceptions of the helpfulness of mental health practitioners sharing their mental health and other experiences and identities with service users. 2017
Tracee Green The development of training and implementation fidelity measures to explore outcomes for Parenting Assessment Manual used with families who are involved in care proceedings. 2017
Ka Wo Fung Incentives and healthcare in Hong Kong.  2017
Alison Allam The meaning of Independence for Older People: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study. 2016
Adam Formby Graduates and their engagement of Jobcentre Plus services in difficult times: a mixed methods study. 2016
Sarah Brooks-Wilson Youth justice geography and socio-spatial (in)justice. 2016
Ik Hyun Jang The distributive outcome of welfare reform in the context of welfare institution: multilevel analysis of income. 2016
Kelly McDonald The social networks of unaccompanied asylum seeking young people in the transitions to adulthood. 2016
Tian Tian Parenting style and the status of parent-child maltreatment: a case study on the high intelligentsia family in China. 2016
Nan Yang Comparative social polices researches between East Asian states and Western countries, especially how to define the welfare regimes of East Asian states. 2016
Takahiro Asano Continuing education system for the professional development of social workers. 2015
Christopher Clarke Gender inequality in the labour market: a comparative study of the impact of work-family reconciliation policies. 2015
Charlotte Hamilton Exploring Service Change, Older people's Access and Impact: Does Rurality Matter? 2015
Min Chul Hwang The effectiveness of settlement service - delivery system for immigrant wives' integration in South Korea. 2015
Annie Irvine Mental Health and Employment: context, concepts and complexity. 2015
Hannah Jobling An ethnographic study on the implementation of Community Treatment Orders and their implications for practitioners, service users and carers. 2015
Miyang Jun Lone parent families' transition from welfare to work. 2015
Sui Ting Kong Participatory development of post-separation domestic violence services: A cooperative grounded inquiry with formerly abused women and their teenage sons/daughters in Hong Kong. 2015
Nurhadi Child labour in Indonesia; child and parent perspective. 2015
Abigail Rimmer An investigation into the effect of family change on children's wellbeing. 2015
Ricardo Rodrigues The impact of user choice programmes on social care markets for long-term care services for older people. 2015
Katie Sworn Methods for accessing 'voice' of people with dementia in research - studentship. 2015
Harriet Wand Fuel poverty in the European Union: A multi-methods study. 2015
Patrick Winter The use of attachment theory in adult psychotherapy. 2015
Amy Clair The effects of schooling and education policy on the subjective wellbeing of children: A comparative study. 2014
Emily Foster Pupils with SEN experience of leaving school. 2014
Seung Eun Lee

The effect of structure of social expenditure on the Korean welfare system – focusing on the benefits for the disabled.

Frederick Longino

A comparative study of Pentecostal deliverance and healing practices and welfare of African children in Tanzania and England.

Gill Main Child poverty and child wellbeing. 2014
Courtney McNamara Trade liberalisation, social policy and health: social determinants of health research. 2014
Gregory Neocleous Evolution of the social welfare system for senior citizens in Cyprus. 2014
Yensook Rho Healthcare marketization and equity of the healthcare system in Korea. 2014
Wai Kwan Yu

Social life of older people living alone in Hong Kong.

Lei Zhang

Comparative study of Sino-Japanese corporate pensions social security social welfare pension.



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