Current PhD research students

NameThesis topic / Research InterestsThesis Supervisor
Samantha Baron  Professionlization or proletarinization of a workforce: who cares? Juliet Koprowska
Helen Baldwin Improving outcomes in child protection cases involving parental substance misuse Professor Nina Biehal/Charlie Lloyd
Darren Baxter The incidence and social, economic and neighbourhood effect of involuntary home moves. Professor Becky Tunstall
Lesley Booth The impacts of the process of learning on both the individual learner and the learner's family and social networks. Dr Lisa O'Malley
Anna Browning The socio-economic relationships within government subsidised housing policy and consider the social implications of recent changes in policy direction. Stuart Lowe
Anna Carnegie From creative cities to creative disadvantaged estates? Exploring the potential for culture-led social housing regeneration in the Republic of Ireland Dr Carolyn Snell
Siobhan Callaghan A comparative analysis of OECD countries' drug policy typologies, welfare regimes and sociao-economic charateristics in shaping drug related outcomes. Dr Lisa O'Malley
Fiorella Ciapessoni Contributions to understanding criminal career paths and homelessness in Uruguay. Dr Lisa O'Malley/Nicholas Pleace
Long Yin Chan Evaluate the use of the Public Rental Housing (PRH) as a major instrument in providing affordable housing: a case study of Hong Kong. Stuart Lowe
Maria Douka Continuity of Care for People with Serious Mental Health Problems. The Role of Social Workers  Professor Gillian Parker
Fei Fang A study of the difficulties and support available for bereaved parents in China as a result of the one-child policy. Professor Christine Skinner
Blaise Fofung Vudinga Social protection in Cameroon: critical perspectives on the impact of social protection schemes, through the performance of the state and non-state social protection providers. Dr Neil Lunt
Ka Wo Fung Incentives and healthcase in Hong Kong.  Dr Neil Lunt
Ling Ge How to accommodate informal settments' dwellers in Beijin, China Dr Sabrina Chai /Dr Carolyn Snell
Tracee Green The development of training and implementation fidelity measures to explore outcomes for Parenting Assessment Manual used with families who are involved in care proceedings. Professor Martin Webber
Shanshan Guan The ability of social enterprise in delivering support to migrant children in China. Professor Nina Biehal /Dr Carolyn Snell
Victoria Jagne Living with long-standing mental ill health in old age: A qualitative systematic review and narrative inquiry. Professor Martin Webber
Safina Khan

Child Sexual Exploitation within the South Asian Community: Exploring the support available, implemented and required by victims from frontline services in order to help equip them with confidence to report the abuse.

Juliet Koprowska /Jennifer Threlfall
Kyunghwn Kim Why do East Asian countries diverge on immigrants’ social rights? Professor Peter Dwyer/Professor John Hudson
Davis Kiima Ethinicity considerations and their influence in social workers' decisions when intervening with families of black and ethnic minority background. Dr Andrew Hill
Jieun Lee Ways to reform income security systems to mitigate poverty among Korean senior citizens: Comparing restructuring income security systems in England, Sweden and Japan. Dr Antonios Roupmpakis/Professor John Hudson
Mina Lee Work-life balance policies for working mothers in Korea. Professor Christine Skinner
Eppie Leishman Sexuality, Resilience and Wellbeing: An LGBT+ Perspective Professor Martin Webber/ Dr Aniela Wenham
Cangheng Liu How can an emerging economy, such as China, best balance the needs of capital and the needs of citizens: Internationa, national and regional lessons. Kevin Farnsworth
Shu-Chi Liu Social housing policy in Taiwan since the 1950s: A policy change perspective. Stuart Lowe
Jonathan Lovell Attitudes towards the use of self-disclosure of mental health experience by peer mentors and other professionals when working with clients in mental health settings. Professor Martin Webber
Sophia Mackinder State building and social protection: the state in post-conflict contexts Dr Chris Holden
Hyungyung Moon Explaining institutional change of the welfare state in Korea. Dr Stefan Kuehner
Neil Morris Online communities for people with learning difficulties. Dr Andrew Hill
Juliana Munlo Intimate partner violience and mental health in South Africa: Exploring the role that intimate partner violence plays in mental health, inparticular PSTD. Juliet Koprowska
Meredith Newlin The translation of health and social research to international contexts to maximise the impact of best practices and potentially effective results from the Connecting People Intervention (CPI) Study.   Professor Martin Webber
Tuan Nguyen Vietnam housing policy in the economy transition process: Challenges to an efficient housing market. Stuart Lowe
Alice Park Policing mental health: A realist evaluation of street triage in North Yorkshire Professor Martin Webber
Antonios Pentidis International Cooperation between Schools of Social Work in Developing and Developed Countries. Ian Shaw
Eunkyung Shin A study on the improvement of intergovernmental fiscal transfer system: Enhancing the accountability and sustainability of social and health policies. Dr Neil Lunt
Maria Smith Pay Satisfaction Amongst Higher Education Staff: An interpretive and gendered approach. Dr Zoe Irving
Helen Stinson Coping with conditionality: An exploration of the impact of welfare conditionality on vulnerable people. Professor Peter Dwyer
Gregory White Policy, protest and power: Investigating contemporary perspectives and engagements of new social movements. Kevin Farnsworth
Shimeng Yin Inequality in China’s current pension system: analyzing urban-rural difference and the gender gap Dr Antonios Roumpakis
Xiaoyu Zhai Rethink and reclassify East Asian welfare models. Professor John Hudson
Binrui Zheng

Is China moving towards a welfare state?

Professor Nick Ellison/Dr Sabrina Chai


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