Current PhD research students

NameThesis topic / Research InterestsThesis Supervisor
Kate Andersen The implications of Universal Credit for women’s citizenship: an investigation into the experiences and views of mothers subject to conditionality.
Helen Baldwin Improving outcomes in child protection cases involving parental substance misuse.
Anna Browning The socio-economic relationships within government subsidised housing policy and consider the social implications of recent changes in policy direction.  
Siobhan Callaghan A comparative analysis of OECD countries' drug policy typologies, welfare regimes and socio-economic characteristics in shaping drug related outcomes.
Fiorella Ciapessoni Contributions to understanding criminal career paths and homelessness in Uruguay.
Anette Bonifant Cisneros  The Policy Process in Mexico: Development of Obesity Policy and Sugar Tax.
Michael Conn The role and function of in-work benefits: the understanding and response of business.
Fei Fang A study of the difficulties and support available for bereaved parents in China as a result of the one-child policy.
Karemah Francois A transdisciplinary investigation of the factors affecting housing policy in Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS).
Blaise Fofung Vudinga Social protection in Cameroon: critical perspectives on the impact of social protection schemes, through the performance of the state and non-state social protection providers.
Emma Geddes A qualitative exploration of UK birth relatives’ experiences of the loss of a child to adoption.
Victoria Jagne Living with long-standing mental ill health in old age: A qualitative systematic review and narrative inquiry.
Safina Khan

Child Sexual Exploitation within the South Asian Community: Exploring the support available, implemented and required by victims from frontline services in order to help equip them with confidence to report the abuse.

Kyunghwn Kim Why do East Asian countries diverge on immigrants’ social rights?
Mina Lee Work-life balance policies for working mothers in Korea.
Cangheng Liu How can an emerging economy, such as China, best balance the needs of capital and the needs of citizens: International, national and regional lessons.
Jiaxin Liu Crowding-out or crowding-in? Re-examining the roles of the state and family in providing for the aged in China.
Alice Park Policing mental health: A realist evaluation of street triage.
Dongyoung Sohn Impact of the National Pension Scheme on Beneficiaries’ Political Participation in South Korea.
Helen Stinson Coping with conditionality: An exploration of the impact of welfare conditionality on vulnerable people.
Laura Tucker

Unweaving the web: Using a mixed methods approach to understand the role and contribution of mental health social work to the delivery of mental health services in England and Wales.

Kirsty Toone

A longitudinal study into the views of alleged perpetrators of anti-social behaviour on the definition of anti-social behaviour and the success or otherwise of related interventions.

Susan Watson The role of social media abuse in gender-based violence: the challenge of vituperative communication in the age of new technology.
Shimeng Yin Inequality in China’s current pension system: analysing urban-rural difference and the gender gap.

Constructing a gendered welfare typology of six East Asian societies.


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