Hear what our students have to say about us

Three recent graduates of our programmes were interviewed about their experiences with online learning at York. Here are a selection of their thoughts in short video clips:

online alumni thoughts Semsa Alic "Like opening up a whole new world for me" for online programmes alumni page
online alumni thoughts Eric Kuan video "If I want to study I only want to study from the best and The University of York has never disappointed me."   ‌ for online programmes alumni page
online alumni thoughts Semsa Alic "The difference with York is that its not out-sourced to another company but is fully managed by the University of York … gives it more sustainability and credibility" for online programmes alumni page
Valentina online programmes graduate alumni thoughts "I didn't know what to expect ... but it was great" for online programmes alumni page
online alumni thoughts Semsa Alic "I did not feel distance ... I felt really connected" for online programmes alumni page

You can see more of the interviews where they answer questions such as 'Why did you choose distance learning?' 'How has the distance learning experience been for you?' 'What tips would you give to a new distance learner?' on the University of York Distance Learning Youtube playlist.

Student profiles

Our student profiles give a good idea of why people chose us, how they experienced the programmes and what it has meant for their careers:

Delia, Thailand - PPM                           Rachel, Canada - PPM
Chidiebere, Nigeria - PPM   Mike, UK - PPM
Katherine, UK - MPA   Angela, UK - PPM
Erika, Guatemala - MPA-ID   Robin, Canada - PPM
Dorina, Albania - PPM    

 Alumni thoughts

Here are some more Alumni thoughts from our 10th Anniversary:

"The choice to study at York was a perfect one" - Ahmed, Strategic Commissioning and Intelligence Officer

Ahmed Choudhury, Strategic Commissioning and Intelligence Officer, London Borough of Newham, UK

I always intended to complete a postgraduate course to further boost my knowledge and the choice to study at York was a perfect one.  Having the option to interact with lecturers and fellow students on-line 24 hours a day and throughout the year was a perfect mix of innovation and technology.  At the time of public sector going through a challenging period I could always bounce off ideas with colleagues and lecturers.  The York MPA Course administration team also provided a seamless service responding to any queries in super sonic speed.  The on-line facility always provided me with the right resource and the platform to discuss, share and stay tuned with the latest thinking in the public sector sphere.  Having completed the York MPA course I feel empowered, connected and able to add more value to my organisation's direction of travel".

"The online experience compares to none. You are never considered a number by York University!" - Lawrence, Malta

I have great memories of studying with York together with your professional team. I have only good words to describe my experience where both the administrators of the programme and all the tutors gave professional support and courage to the students not only to progress through the modules but also to succeed and learn.  With regards to the programme as a whole, the on-line experience was extremely positive with weekly group discussions, prompt feedback from tutors, and a vessel for great friendships opportunities.  I miss not studying at York…the on-line experience compares to none.  You are never considered a number by York University! 

"It is cool how with technology (moodle) it really personalises the learning. I feel very connected to a 'class' and that I am not alone" - Hedy, Bangaldesh

It is cool how with technology (moodle) it really personalizes the learning. I feel very connected to a 'class' and that I am not alone. I really value the obligatory participation in unit discussions, it keeps our minds thinking and working about the material we have learnt, and allows us to put it into our own context. Also I find myself always 'looking forward' to the feedback of others, so it really keeps students engaged.

Further thoughts

Alf Cook, UK

The York Masters programme significantly enhanced my policy and management knowledge.  I regularly call upon the course content to help inform and progress key work assignments with DWP's Strategy and Policy Group.  Even after 10 years, the programme remains an invaluable and truly memorable experience, having studied with a diverse group of dedicated students and excellent tutors.

Andrea Birch, UK

I have such fond memories of the course, from the excitement of choosing a module and having the materials arrive, online debates with tutors and colleagues. I made some lasting friends through the course and we remain in touch. I miss studying again now, but remind myself of those Christmas breaks spent writing assignments and change my mind!!!

Devina, India

The MPA is a highly relevant study programme for today's professionals.  The theoretical aspects of the modules taught are useful for understanding the practical elements of contemporary public organisations in particular.  I feel more confident and equipped to contribute to the overall objectives of my organisatios by having engaged with critical subjects like strategic planning, organisational change and e-government during my studies.

Yury Konnikov, USA

The responsiveness of Student Support is one of the things that made the online MPA such a positive experience

Trish, Public Health Advisor, UK

Part of my role now is to look at strategy and planning from a public health perspective, and the modules on policy analysis, strategic planning and using evidence are proving very useful for this.

Although a lot of what I am doing is ongoing I do feel that my studies as a whole have started me thinking in a different way, which has been helpful.  It's not always about doing things in the same way; due to the huge budget cuts in the public sector we need to start looking at different ways of working in partnership with a variety of organisations to make sure that we get value for money.

3 of our students spoke to us about their experience during a Conference we held on campus.

 "Very participatory and really fun!" Ifeoma Nwakamam, Nigeria for online programmes alumni page
"What's worked the best has been the attention that we've gotten from the tutors and the administration. They're so helpful and flexible" Monica Farrell, Austria for online programmes alumni page
"I genuinely think that this is the best one, it's structured so well, you're not left on your own" Alison Anderson, UK for online programmes alumni page