Department of Social Policy and Social Work, Alcuin C Block

Published articles, journals and presentations 

The online learning team within the Department of Social Policy and Social Work have published a number of articles, journals and presentations about distance and online learning, details of which can be found below.

The staff team also regularly publish articles and make presentations about their own specific research themes. Work from the last 5 years is below. For further information please visit their staff profile pages.

Articles and chapters

Caraher, K. and Reuter, E. (forthcoming). Vulnerability of the ‘entrepreneurial self’: Analysing the interplay between labour markets and social policy. Social Policy and Society.

Brooks, S. (2016) Inducing food insecurity: financialisation and development in the post-2015 era, Third World Quarterly, 37, 5, 768-780

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Brooks, S. and Roberts, E. (2015) 'Simultaneous immersion': How online postgraduate study contributes to the development of reflective practice among public service practicionersInteractive Learning Environments

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White, S., Brooks, S., Gabor, D., Klein, E. and Mills, C. (2016) 'Psy-expertise, behavioural economics and the new politics of the personal in international development’. Co-convened panel at Development Studies Association (DSA) University of Oxford, UK. Link here
Gabor, D. and Brooks, S. (2016) 'The digital revolution in financial inclusion'. Presented at 4S/EAAST 2016: Society for Social Studies of Science/ European Association for the Study of Science & Technology. CCIB Barcelona. Link here
Gabor, D. and Brooks, S. (2016) “The digital revolution in financial(ised) inclusion” Presented at a national workshop 'Big and Open Data for Development' hosted by the Centre for Development Bioinformatics, University of Manchester, UK. Link here

Brooks, S. (2015) We are what we eat; we're all in trouble. Public discussion on the politics and economics of food consumption and production organized by the International Institute for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE), Bristol, 21 January 2015.

Brooks, S. and Mawdsley, E. (2015) 'Finance, financialisation and development'. Co-convened panel at Development Studies Association (DSA), University of Bath, UK

Caraher, K. and Reuter, E. (2015). Work, vulnerability and social policy: Towards an analysis of Ecuadorian social policies since 2007. Presentation at the European Network fo Social Policy Analysis Annual Conference, Odense.

Caraher, K. and Reuter, E. (2015). Work, vulnerability and social policy: Developing an actionable analytical framework. Paper presented at the Social Policy Association Annual Conference, Belfast.

Brooks, S. (2014) Is there a need for Golden Rice? Friends of John Innes Centre Seminar, Norwich Biosciences Institute, 29 January 2014.

Reuter, E. (2014). Politics of Public Service Reforms and their Legacy: The Role of Power, Coalitions and Ideas. Paper presented at the International Political Science Association World Congress, Montreal

Reuter, E. (2014). In or Out: Political Strategies of the radical left in France and Europe. Paper presented at the Political Studies Association Annual Conference, Manchester. Available here

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Reuter, E. (2012). Les politiques sociales contre l’inégalité: Des limitations et contradictions de l’action publique. [Social policies against inequality: Limitations and contradictions of public action] Paper presented at the Sciences Po Paris Colloque ‘Les frontières des inégalités’, Paris.

Lund, J., and Roberts, E. (2012) Flexible study skills support for international distance learning students, Poster presnetation at the Learning and Teaching Conference, May 2011, University of York, UK

Brooks, S. (2011) ‘Shaping Agricultural Innovation Systems Responsive to Food Insecurity and Climate Change.’ Paper presented at Tropentag 2011:University of Bonn, Germany.

Reuter, E. (2011). Policy-making and social relations: Arguments for a sociological perspective on policy analysis. Presentation at the eMasters Conference, York.

Roberts, E. (2011) "The role of distance learning in civil service training", Keynote presentation at the Chinese Academy of Governance International Conference on Distance Education for Civil Servant Training, Beijing, 27-28th October 2011, Chinese Academy of Governance, Beijing, China

Walker, R. and Hall, K. (2011) Peer observation for distance learning e-tutors: Evaluation of a cross-programme trial scheme. ALT-C 2011thriving in a colder and more challenging climate, 6-8 September 2011, University of Leeds, UK

Lund, J. and Roberts, E. (2011) Cracking the code: Developing academic skills for non-traditional Masters students at a distance, Poster presentation at the Higher York E-learning Conference, June 2011, University of York, UK

Roberts, E. (2008) "Professional Skills for Government - the role of e-learning" Presentation at National School of Government / Public Management and Policy Association / University of York Joint Conference 2008, University of York, UK


The contributions from alumni collected together in these publications are Independent Study Projects completed at the end of their postgraduate programme and illustrate the depth and diversity of learning arising from the Department's Masters programmes in public policy and management.

Caraher, K. and Snell, C. Eds (2015) Government, Public Policy and Management; A Reader, Volume 4 ISP Reader Volume 4 (PDF  , 1,087kb)

Caraher, K. and Snell, C. Eds (2014) Government, Public Policy and Management; A Reader, Volume 3 ISP Reader Volume 3 (PDF  , 1,216kb)

Caraher, K. and Snell, C. Eds (2012) Government, Public Policy and Management; A Reader, Volume 2 ISP Reader Volume 2 (PDF  , 1,004kb)

Caraher, K. and Snell, C. Eds (2010) Government, Public Policy and Management; A Reader, Volume 1 ISP Reader Volume 1 (PDF  , 824kb)