Our distinctiveness

The distinctive approach of the online programmes in public management

We can help you to:

  • Study at a top university without leaving your work;
  • Develop your capacity for influencing and managing change in complex, turbulent contexts;
  • Prepare for more strategic roles;
  • Learn about different perspectives within an international peer group;
  • Understand the connections between policy-making and the delivery of services;
  • Enhance your skills as a reflective practitioner, through linking theory and practice.

By drawing on our expertise and experience:

Our teaching is informed by:

  • Our research, and by the research agenda of the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, one of the leading social science centres in Europe;
  • Our expertise in online and distance learning methods and pedagogy.

Our team has experience in:

  • Working in the public and non-profit sectors at a senior level;
  • Enabling mid-career professional development;
  • Linking theory and practice.

Underpinned by a distinctive model of online learning:

Reflective practitioner: Flexible study, Personal support, Interactive collaborative learning, Theory and practice.