News in brief - 2010 archive

December 2010

On 1 December Professor Jonathan Bradshaw gave a paper on child benefit packages in the European Union to a seminar at the European Commission in Brussels.

On 3 December Professor Jonathan Bradshaw spoke at the launch of UNICEF Innocenti report Card 9 on children left behind at the House of Lords.

Maryam Bibi, recipient of an Honorary Doctorate awarded by the University of York on nomination of the Department of Social Policy and Social Work, received a Human Rights Award from the President of Pakistan on 9th December. Ms. Bibi receives the award as Chief Executive of Khwendo Kor, 'a non profit, non government and non partisan organization striving for development of the women and children, strong families and communities progressive society.' Khwendo Kor Website.

November 2010

Professor John Ditch, former Head of Social Policy, has been made Honorary Professor of the Department by University Senate. In addition, John Brown, Dr Marilyn Crawshaw and Dr Meg Huby have each been appointed Honorary Fellows of the Department.

Dr Stefan Kuhner presented on  'Government Ideology, Constitutional Structures and Welfare State Change: TSCS Regression vis-a-vis fsQCA' at the 42nd annual meeting of the North eastern Political Science Association in Boston, Massachusetts, US on November 11th-13th 2010.

On 19 November Professor Jonathan Bradshaw gave a paper on the Measurement of extreme poverty in the European Union to a conference at the University of Macedonia in Skopje on European and National Practices in Combating poverty and Social Exclusion.

On 24 November Professor Jonathan Bradshaw gave a lecture on Child well-being in Darlington at a conference organised by Darlington Borough Council on Child Poverty.

October 2010

The Department welcomes four new members of staff: Dr Chris Holden, Dr Sabrina Chai, Dr Nam Kyoung Jo and Dan Horsfall.

The Department of Social Policy and Social Work is very sad to announce the death of Professor Kay Jones on Wednesday 13th October. Professor Jones was the founding Head of this Department and at the forefront of establishing social policy as an academic subject in this country. Her funeral will take place on Tuesday 26th October at 2.30pm at Heslington Church, York.

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw is chairing the 3rd Conference of the International Society for Child Indicators, to be held at the University of York on 27-29 July 2011. A call for abstracts relating to child indicators has been made. This exciting three-day conference will be the third organised by the International Society for Child Indictors (ISCI), an international group of experts, practitioners and researchers in the field worldwide.

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw presented a paper Trends in Child Subjective Well-being in the UK Children’s Society Seminar Church House London 12 October 2010.

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw presented a paper Child Poverty and Vulnerability in East and Southern Europe to East and South Africa Parliamentary Regional Workshop Namibia October 20 2010.

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw presented a paper on child poverty and social protection UNICEF Dialogue Series on Child Sensitive Social Protection Namibia October 19 2010.

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw presented a paper Demography, Pensions and Poverty William Temple Association St John’s University York 24 October 2010.

PhD student, Sarah Hards, was awarded first prize in the graduate student paper competition for the journal Environmental Values. The competition celebrates 20 years of the international refereed journal relating to the present and future environment of human beings and other species. Sarah was awarded £200 and her article will be published in the first issue of the journal in 2011.

September 2010

Dr Stefan Kuhner spoke on ' Analyzing the Productive Dimensions of Welfare: Looking Beyond East Asia,’ presented at The 6 th International Symposium and Lectures on Social Policy,  Social Innovation in the Era of Social Transformation, August 27 th-29 th 2010, Hangzhou, China and at the 2010 International Symposium on the Social Security and Risk Management , Center for Social Security Studies of Wuhan University, 25 th-28 th September 2010, Wuhan, China.

Dr Carolyn Snell, as part of an international project team, begins a new cutting-edge research project as part of the Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation programme: 'Whole decision network analysis for coastal ecosystems'.

Dr Marilyn Crawshaw visited Australia and New Zealand over the summer with a Nuffield grant to study gamete donor register and cancer-related fertility services. She met service users, professionals, civil servants, academics, reproductive technology boards and ethics committees, presented a number of papers and appeared on national radio. She has been invited to give evidence to the Federal Inquiry into Donor Conception in Australia.

Dr Christine Skinner gave a paper entitled 'Is there Equality for Children in Complex Families?' to the European Social Policy Association Annual Conference, Budapest, 2-4th September 2010.

August 2010

Professor Kathleen Kiernan and Dr Liz McDermott both have an article listed within the Top 10 most read articles of the last twelve months in the leading publication Journal of Social Policy:

  • Kiernan, K. E. and Mensah, F. K. (2009) 'Poverty, Maternal Depression, Family Status and Children's Cognitive and Behavioural Development in Early Childhood: A Longitudinal Study', Journal of Social Policy, 38(4): 569-588. Available online via Cambridge Journals.
  • Graham, H. and McDermott, E. (2006) 'Qualitative Research and the Evidence Base of Policy: Insights from Studies of Teenage Mothers in the UK', Journal of Social Policy, 35(1): 21-37. Available online via Cambridge Journals.

The Department welcomes Kathryn Carter, a researcher from New Zealand, for a one month environmental policy research project with Dr Carolyn Snell.

July 2010

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw has been elected a Fellow of the British Academy, the highest honour for scholars working in the humanities and social sciences.

Department researchers publish a report which suggests public spending will rise as a result of cuts to youth projects: Estimating the life-time cost of NEET: 16-18 year olds not in Education, Employment or Training.

The Department congratulated its graduating students at a reception event after the graduation ceremony on July 16th.

Dr Marilyn Crawshaw with colleagues from the Department of Health Sciences, coordinated and presented a one day conference which tool place on 7th July. 'Looking beyond cancer ‘survivorship’: meeting the needs of a diverse, multi-ethnic society' explored policy and practice debates about how best to meet the needs of childhood and adult cancer ‘survivors’ in a diverse, multi-ethnic society.

The Department was awarded for consistent excellence in student supervision. An award granted by the Students' Union and University recognised how the Department of Social Policy and Social Work consistently receives high numbers of good quality nominations by students and for the speed and sensitivity with which it deals with Special Cases. In total, 17 members of staff received nominations for Supervisor of the Year.

Dr John Brown and Dr John Hudson both receive special awards from the Students' Union for consistent excellence of supervision, after receiving a high number of nominations for Supervisor of the Year in consecutive years.

June 2010

Dr Richard Cookson directed the York Health Strategy Forum in June, a three day training event focused on helping senior health executives improve quality and productivity by making better use of management data and research evidence. The feedback from the event has shown its place as a UK-leading training event. One delegate commented that ‘this is the first time I’ve seen convincing evidence that competition in the NHS actually works’, and another identified the event as ‘mind-blowing’.

The Department wins an award for consistent excellence in student supervision. Dr John Hudson and John Brown also receive individual awards for their contributions. 17 members of staff in total in Social Policy and Social Work were nominated by students for the Supervisor of the Year award.

May 2010

Dr Richard Cookson gave a presentation in London on 20 May 2010 to a meeting of the NICE Citizen's Council, with the title: "In what circumstances are incentives to promote individual behaviour change an acceptable way of promoting the health of the public?"

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw presented a paper on 13 May 2010 to a UNICEF conference in Madrid, Spain titled “Using Indicators to Monitor Child well-being.” He also presented a paper to the Standing Committee on Social Affairs of the National Assembly of Armenia in Yerevan, Armenia, “Child poverty in Armenia.”

April 2010

Antonios Pentidis, Social Work PhD Student supervised by Professor Ian Shaw, won the Best Abstract award (University of Hong Kong Student Award for Outstanding Abstract) at the 2010 Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development: The Agenda, for 'Cooperation between schools of social work in Europe and Third World Countries. What do the European Schools think?'

20 Commonwealth Scholarships have been awarded for places on the Online Masters programmes: MA in Public Policy and Management, Masters of Public Administration. The scholarships are for students working within commonwealth countries focussing on the Millennium Development Goals. Application deadline 31st May.

Six University of York scholarships worth £1500 each are available for students applying to the Department's 2010/11 Social Policy Masters and Social Policy and Social Work MRes programmes. 3 awards are available for the MA in Comparative and International Social Policy. 3 awards are available for the MA Social Policy, MRes Social Policy, MRes Social Work. Application deadline 18th July 2010.

March 2010

A book by Mark Hardy and Tony Evans (University of Warwick), entitled Evidence and knowledge for practice and published by Polity, is available at the end of March.

Una McCluskey has been invited to open the John Bowlby Memorial Conference in London at the end of March.  The Bowlby Centre in London this year commemorated the 20th anniversary of the death of John Bowlby, Psychoanalyst and major contributor to the field of developmental psychology.

February 2010

Una McCluskey was recently keynote speaker at the Annual Conference of the Irish Association of University & College Counsellors in Limerick. She was also a keynote speaker at the International Conference organised by the Association for Video Interactive Guidance in the field of early intervention with children and parents, which took place in Dundee early last autumn.

She also recently addressed the Leeds Counselling Service and presented a day workshop for them on The Dynamics of Attachment in Professional Encounters. She was invited to provide a two day workshop for psychotherapists in the East Midlands and addressed the AGM of Family Care in Peterborough on Effective Intervention with Children and Parents.

In February 2010 she was invited by the University of Porto Business School, Portugal to provide a keynote lecture and to open a symposium addressing key areas of management in business organisations. She gave a talk on Fear Free Caregiving, an effective component in leadership in organisations. Following this talk in Portugal she gave a day workshop for clinical supervisors at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Dr Elizabeth McDermott has been commissioned by the Equality & Human Rights Commission to produce a policy background paper on asking young people questions about sexual orientation for research and monitoring.

January 2010

Dr Richard Cookson has been seconded to the Prime Minister's Delivery Unit in the Treasury in London from January to March 2010, working as principal analyst in the health, employment and social exclusion team.

Sarah Hards, a PhD student in the Department, has returned from a placement at the Houses of Parliament. Sarah produced a report for MPs and Lords on 'Climate Change: Engagement and Behaviour.' The report is available online [PDF via UK Parliament Website].

Professor Ian Shaw has led the development of the first project to map the character of social work research in its discipline-like qualities. The Handbook - published by Sage - was launched in San Francisco in January and will be launched in Europe in London and Geneva. Further details: Sage Publications Website.

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw presented the following papers:

  • ‘Understanding child poverty and child welfare’, Plenary to the NEEC 2010 Conference Station Hotel York 7 January 2010
  • ‘Child poverty research and policy in Europe, Reassess Strand 10 seminar, Aarhus, Denmark, 11 January 2010
  • ‘Understanding Children's Well-being: A national survey of young people's well-being’ . Children's Society Launch Conference, Church House Westminster, London. 27 January 2010

Postgraduates Dan Horsfall and Hannah King are commended for their teaching in the department. Dan receives a Vice Chancellor's Teaching Award and Hannah becomes the first recipient of an 'outstanding' portfolio award as part of the Preparing Future Academics programme.