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Nicholas Pleace publishes book on homelessness in Denmark, Finland and Ireland

Posted on 4 February 2020

Nicholas has written the book alongside Mike Allen (Focus Ireland), Lars Benjaminsen (Danish Centre for Social Science Research) and Eoin O'Sullivan (Trinity College Dublin).

Notwithstanding an increased attention policy and economic provision on homelessness, it remains high across developed nations and is increasing in most European states. This is also despite implementing plans intended to stop homelessness, instead of just managing the emergency.

This new book explores the challenges and possibilities in reducing homelessness in three countries of a similar size and prosperity. It shows the crucial difference that policy can make, and the essential role of the state in building and delivering an effective homelessness strategy. Making an opportune and crucial contribution to the current debate, it provides key policy lessons for the many authorities seeking to successfully bring about an end to homelessness.

"The lessons unearthed in this book will be pivotal if ending homelessness is to progress from an admirable objective to a realisable goal." - Joe Doherty, University of St Andrews.


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