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Dr Zoë Irving's book 'Exploring the World of Social Policy'

Posted on 5 May 2020

Dr Zoë Irving's book, "Exploring the World of Social Policy: An International Approach" is out now.

The book, co-written by Michael Hill, Emeritus Professor, Newcastle University, and Dr Zoë Irving, introduces readers to a wide spread of international challenges and issues, and shows how insights into policy can be generated using a comparative and multidisciplinary approach. The book demonstrates the rewards of studying social policy from an international perspective by avoiding the constraints of a single-nation focus. 

Dr Gyu-Jin Hwang from The University of Sydney, says it's "global in reach and wide-ranging in coverage, the book presents valuable insights into how to understand social issues and the possible solutions social policy analysis may offer."

You can read more on Dr Zoë Irving, and discover more information about the book on the Policy Press website.