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Academics publish in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Posted on 15 May 2019

Dan Horsfall and Neil Lunt have articles within the current JEMS Special Issue on transnational medical travel.

Transnational medical travel is the temporary movement by patients across national borders in order to address medical concerns abroad. It is used by growing proportions of peoples with a diverse range of mobility profiles.

In his paper, Dr Dan Horsfall examines the UK's International Passenger Survey data for the past 15 years to present new insights on Polish migrants living in the UK and returning to Poland for medical care.

Professor Neil Lunt's paper discusses the 'deterritorialized' healthcare seeking behavours of Somali populations. He argues medical nomadism is a distinct medical travel behaviour, pointing to similar behaviours elsewhere in Europe and assessing the implications for health systems and those who are travelling.

The Special Issue was edited by Meghann Ormond and Neil Lunt. Find out more.

Image credit: JEMS