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Christine Skinner hosts Australian colleagues from the International Network of Child Support Scholars

Posted on 4 July 2019

Ongoing comparative research on separated parent families is discussed at York

Straight out of the International Network of Child Support Scholars (INCSS) Heidelberg Symposium on “Comparative Research on Separated Parent Families”, Co-Directors of the INCSS Professor Christine Skinner (SPSW) and Associate Professor Kay Cook (pictured left and centre respectively) from the University of Swinburne, Melbourne continue discussions on their international research programme in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work in York. 

INCSS member and symposium participant, Dr Sarah Sinclair (pictured standing) from RMIT University, Melbourne is also here as a visiting fellow in SPSW to work with Professor Skinner. Dr Sinclair is an economist focusing on the precarity of housing among separated families.
Sarah is investigating future interdisciplinary collaborations between SPSW colleagues in the Centre for Housing Policy and RMIT’s “Placemaking Economics Group”. She looks forward to the possibility of building new programmes of comparative research between Australia and the UK on the intersections between housing and family separation.
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