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The Children's Worlds project June conference at the University of Nantes

Posted on 26 June 2019

Results were presented from the first 22 countries participating in the 'Third wave' phase of the project.

Children’s Worlds is a worldwide research survey on children’s subjective well-being aiming to improve children's lives. Cleaning and coding the data into a common framework has been led by Dr Gwyther Rees from the Social Policy Research Unit with contributions from Professor Jonathan Bradshaw.

92,000 children aged 8, 10 and 12 have completed the questionnaire in these 22 countries. Another 19 countries are expected to have completed data collection by the end of July and the global sample will certainly exceed 150,000. 24 countries have achieved a representative national sample and 17 countries have achieved a representative sample of one region/bit city.

The final clean data set will be available from December 2019 and the final report on the project published and launched in January 2020. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Children's Worlds website.