Publications and presentations for Mathilde Maitrot

Posted on 12 April 2018

Dr Mathilde Maitrot reports on her research in rural Bangladesh

SPSW lecturer Dr Mathilde Maitrot has recently published a paper in the journal Development and Change. The article, entitled 'Understanding Social Performance: A ‘Practice Drift’ at the Frontline of Microfinance Institutions in Bangladesh', examines the role of microfinance staff and procedures in enabling microfinance's social mission.

Through studying institutional ruling relations and practices in rural Bangladesh, Mathilde investigates the everyday practices of the implementers of microfinance, and argues that there are systematic processes emerging that endanger the social mission of microfinace, including low standards of client selection, forceful renewal of loans and client‐retention and repayment‐collection methods that are violent or abusive. The full article is available online for members of the University.

Later this year, Mathilde will present more of her research as part of the Development Studies Association's annual conference, on the panel 'Ethnographies of development policies: understanding policy translation within the global south'. Running from 27-29 June, the focus of this year's conference is Global inequalities, and plans to run a wide range of panels, workshops, keynotes, study group business meetings and social events.

Mathilde will present her paper 'Revolution aborted: microfinance entrepreneurship and the moral economy in rural Bangladesh', which examines entrepreneurship as a policy to reduce poverty through the idea of moral economy, and why and how development institutions 'embed' entrepreneurship in local social institutions.