Commonwealth Scholarship success

Posted on 26 February 2018

Five Masters of Public Administration (International Development) students have been awarded scholarships from the Commonwealth Scholarship Commision.

Elone Ainebyoona, Masters of Public Administration (International Development)

The scholarships are designed to support promising scholars who work in roles that help take forward the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their countries. Following their successful graduation this winter from the Masters of Public Administration (International Development) our latest Commonwealth scholars are now applying the skills and knowledge that they have acquired in a range of demanding posts.

Elone Ainebyoona comments that her studies helped her to understand about how governments work, public resource management and power dynamics. Elone said: “I got to learn from other colleagues from different states across the world, and this improved my exposure to and appreciation of other countries’ politics and policy frameworks". Elone now works as Coordinator of the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs, an advocacy platform consisting of Members of Parliament collectively advocating for youth concerns in Parliament and other Government agencies.

Elone commented: “Through our advocacy work we have been able to increase youth leaders’ and actors’ voices and build their capacity to participate in politics to ensure that there is proper accountability and effective service delivery that involves youth at all levels.  I am glad that I have been able to work closely with government to open up more opportunities for young people especially the female youth who are also inspired by my leadership. Once again, thanks to the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship for making this possible.”

Sylivia Kasoga, Senior Assistant Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uganda, provides support to the Diplomatic Service among others. She notes: “I have been able to develop critical thinking skills and an in-depth perspective which is completely different from how I was taught at undergraduate level. This has helped me to change the way I work, and has had a very positive impact on my work and how I am able to influence others.  “

The Masters of Public Administration (International Development) is part of a suite of wholly online programmes of professional development which combine academic rigour with a flexible mode of study, substantial interaction and close and ongoing academic support.