The SIgN project: self-funders and information needs

Posted on 20 July 2017

Social Policy Research Unit researchers launch new tools to help self-funders and their relatives navigate the UK care system.

Kate Baxter and Emily Heavey from the Social Policy Research Unit (SPRU) worked with study participants to create a leaflet and film aimed at helping self-funders and other people take their first steps to finding information about care and support in later life. Read the 6 page project report at:

The leaflet ‘Getting informed, getting prepared: first steps to finding care and support for older people’ covers basic information about care as well as the places that can offer information, and what that information comprises. Read and print copies of the leaflet, in various formats, from the newly launched website. Also on the website is a seven minute film ‘Finding care and support for older people’, with and without English subtitles. The film tells Heather’s real life story of finding information about care for her husband.

These are free resources. We hope the website and its contents will be widely used by members of the public, councils, NHS organisations, the voluntary sector and others offering information about social care to older people and their relatives.