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SPSW expert on Radio 4

Posted on 6 January 2016

Christine Skinner interviewed about the UK's new Statutory Child Maintenance Scheme

Professor Christine Skinner is to be interviewed by Winifred Robinson on BBC Radio 4's consumer affairs programme You & Yours on Thursday 7th January 2016. The programme is investigating the UK's new Statutory Child Maintenance scheme whereby if parents can't arrange an agreement about child maintenance between themselves they must pay the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) to arrange it. They also have to pay fees on child maintenance payments if the CMS has to administer the payments. You & Yours is investigating the efficiency of the CMS in collecting child maintenance payments.

Dr Skinner is the UK's expert on Child Maintenance with recent work including a highly succesful seminar series looking at the policy challenges of child maintenance regimes around the world. At the latest of these family justice professionals, scholars and policy makers discussed how best to work with separated parents to help them to produce positive outcomes for their children. Her evaluation of the 'Family Matters' service run by Resolution to help parennts come to mutual agreements about child support and life after divorce, was launched at the event: Guiding parents through separation.


Listen to the interview