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Working welfare

Posted on 8 February 2016

Sickness and disability benefits debate

working welfare report from Reform, Roy Sainsbury blog post, ESA

Professor Roy Sainsbury has written a blog about the fierce debate on changes to welfare for Reform, a policy institute which concentrates on public policy spending.

Reform has produced a report tackling a wide range of issues surrounding sickness and disability benefits, including ideas to replace the Work Capability Assessment and to develop a more personalised approach to conditionality and sanctions. They also recommend that there should be no differential in payment to people who have disabilites if they are out of work, a highly contentious idea that Professor Sainsbury explores further in his response to the report.

Professor Sainsbury has been researching welfare and benefits for over twenty years here at York and was instrumental in the development of ideas and policies surrounding the concept of Universal Credit. His current research is looking at three trials of support for sick and disabled people of working age.

SPSW is home to a major ESRC research programme looking in depth at Welfare Conditionality: Sanctions , Support and Behaviour Change. They will interview 480 people in six major cities in the UK at different points in time to find out what longer-term effects the sanctions and support elements of the new welfare policy are having. The multi-site Programme is being led by Professor Peter Dwyer from York.

Read the blog post here