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Stuart Lowe at the MRI Conference in Budapest

Posted on 5 September 2014

Dr Lowe is to deliver a key note speech at The Silver Jubilee Conference - 25 years of Metropolitan Research Institute 2-4 November

The Metropolitan Research Institute, Budapest which was established 25 year ago to provide a research base for urban policy and housing problems in the city and more generally around Hungary. Dr Lowe was a founding member.

At the end of the period of communist government MRI was set up with the support of a number of ‘western’ researchers. Social science and policy research had previously been funded by the state but did not allow socially critical research or the use of modern research techniques.

Housing was a particular problem after communism collapsed leading to a rapid privatisation of state flats, very high inflation and a crisis of housing supply because most building since 1946 had been done by the state in large mega-block developments or through self-building. 

Dr Lowe worked with MRI to help establish a research-base connected to the wider European housing research agencies and academic community. He will be a key-note speaker at the conference which will celebrate 25 years of MRI success and consider the housing research agenda for the European post-communist states going forward.