British Corporate Welfare

Posted on 2 December 2014

Kevin Farnsworth's work on British Corporate Welfare has received significant coverage in the media in recent months, including an article in the Guardian

Dr Kevin Farnsworth’s recent work on British corporate welfare was featured in Aditya Chakrabortty’s article in the Guardian on October 6th. The piece states that "Farnsworth has achieved something extraordinary: he has yanked into the open an £85bn subsidy that big business and the government would rather you didn’t know about.": Read article

Kevin was interviewed in October for a slot in Tax Justice Network Radio about the tax implications of his work on corporate welfare: Watch video

He was also invited to give evidence to the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee on the topic of ‘State Support for Businesses’ on 11th November. It was also televised and can be accessed at: Watch video The minutes of the meeting are available here: 11 Nov 2014 - Government support for business - oral evidence.