Research project: Fuel Poverty and Disabled People

Posted on 24 August 2012

Department awarded research grant to study the impact of policy change on disabled people's ability to fuel their homes

Dr Carolyn Snell, along with colleagues in the Centre for Housing Policy, has been awarded a research grant by eaga Charitable Trust to conduct research into the relationship between fuel poverty and disability.

At present there is a limited and fragmented evidence base surrounding the relationship between disability and fuel poverty, and policy is changing rapidly.  This project has three key aims:

  • to consolidate existing knowledge and understanding in the field,
  • to conduct empirical work that will help to understand different dimensions of disability and fuel poverty in depth,
  • to consider and assess the impact of policy changes on disabled people. 

Ultimately, the project will make policy recommendations that can be made to alleviate any negative or unintended consequences of policy change.