Multiple and Intersecting Experiences and Needs: Improving Women's Access to Support

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Friday 12 October 2018, 10.00AM to 1.00pm

Speaker(s): Dr Kathryn Hodges, Visiting Research Fellow, St Mary's University

Dr Kathryn Hodges is an independent researcher and consultant, a visiting research fellow at the Centre for the Study of Modern Slavery at St. Mary’s University, London, and she is also Chair of Trustees at Women@theWell.

Improving services for women is essential, in terms of both quality and access. For women who are sometimes considered as having multiple and complex needs, for example those involved in prostitution, the decision to leave services frequently puts women at a disadvantage, increasing the risk to their personal safety and wellbeing. There are a number of studies that uncover the practical barriers for women when engaging with particular services such as addiction, criminal justice or mental health services. Whilst there is significant research indicating much provision is orientated around men, particularly in the criminal justice system, there is little which relates to the decisions and choices that women make when engaging with services. This research explored how services could be improved for women experiencing multiple and intersecting needs, by finding out what informed their decisions to go to a helping service in the first place and then keep returning. The study specifically considered the experiences of women involved in prostitution or who have been trafficked for purposes of sexual exploitation.

In this seminar, Kathryn will discuss:

· Things that happened: the framing of need

· Making decisions and choices when seeking help and support

· The experiences informing approaches to accessing support

· What a place of safety is, and looks like, for women

· The importance of looking for silences to hear and understand women’s experiences and needs

· A model to understand and respond to the decisions and choices made by women seeking help and support

For subscribing organisations this is an adult services event.

For others there is a fee of £95.

Bursaries are available for students, staff and service users, as well as for volunteers from voluntary groups, community groups and charities; please ask for details.


Location: Best Western York Pavilion Hotel


Telephone: 01904 321237