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Ten years of the Mental Capacity Act; capturing experience

Monday 22 June 2015

Professor Jill Manthorpe from King's College London presents this seminar on 10 years of the Mental Capacity Act.

Using life story work in dementia care

Thursday 11 June 2015

Everybody has a life story. These are rich and varied and can be used to communicate who we are to the people around us. Researchers from the Social Policy Research Unit at the University of York and their partners are currently researching life story work and will present their findings.

Child Sexual Exploitation; a research and practice event

Monday 18 May 2015

Join us for key messages from research on effective practice, with an emphasis on children's rights.

Working with Domestic Abuse; a research and practice event

Wednesday 13 May 2015

This seminar will cover working in partnership with families where there is domestic abuse and working with abuse in young people's relationships.

Visual impairment and deafblindness; a research and practice event

Thursday 23 April 2015

This event brings together a recent study from the University of York; "Vision rehabilitation services: what is the evidence?" and research and practice experience from Staffordshire University in the area of social work for people who are deafblind.

Special guardianship; investigating experiences, outcomes and challenges

Thursday 12 February 2015

A seminar looking at how the policy and practice of local authorities around special guardianship is evolving, charting the experiences of guardians and their children.

Neglected teenagers; research, policy and practice

Wednesday 4 February 2015

We are delighted to welcome Professor Mike Stein back to MRC to present some of his most recent research in to adolescent neglect. Mike will be joined by Phil Raws and young people from The Children's Society.

Do crisis services have all the answers in crisis care?

Wednesday 28 January 2015

This full day includes speakers Andy McNicoll, of Community Care, Christian Walsh, of The College of Social Work, The "Mental Health Cop", Inspector Michael Brown, workshops on street triage and open dialogue.

Best safeguarding practice in residential care and supported living services for adults with learning disabilities

Wednesday 3 December 2014

This seminar will report some of the findings from a research study which examined the extent to which support staff in residential care and supported living services share a consistent understanding of what constitutes poor or abusive practice when working with adults with learning disabilities. The findings suggest a need for clearer guidance for frontline staff regarding abuse and poor practice, in order to improve the quality of their practice and to ensure that when abuse occurs it is reported to the appropriate authorities.

Thriving and surviving in social work

Tuesday 4 November 2014

A full day of continuous professional development that will appeal to newly qualified and more experienced social workers and those working in social care. The latest research and practice, with topics covering childrens and adult's social care.

Roma; employment and routes to inclusion in the UK

Wednesday 15 October 2014

This Seminar will bring together key findings from some of the latest comparative empirical research in the field of Roma inclusion, with a specific focus on employment. It will provide a greater understanding of experiences of Roma, focusing specifically on their perceptions of the key barriers to accessing employment. Furthermore, it will explore how ‘Roma and employment’ are sometimes framed in debates by non Roma, and the impact this can have on the initiatives that are developed. The Seminar hopes to provide a forum for discussing potential ways forward for the inclusion of Roma in the labour market, but also Roma inclusion more broadly.

Does palliative care need its own advanced care plan?

Thursday 18 September 2014

A full day event aimed at those working in end of life and palliative care. This event is designed to appeal to those working in children's and adults health and social care settings. Speakers and workshops on a range of topics including the prevalance of life-limiting and life-threatening conditions in young adults, respite care, personalisation, the dementia palliative and end of life care integrated pathway, and up-skilling multi-disciplinary adult specialist palliative care teams caring for young adults.

Troubled families; research, policy and practice

Wednesday 10 September 2014

In 2011 the government’s flagship ‘Troubled Families Programme’ (TFP) was launched. The TFP has been placed high on the political agenda for action with the intention that by 2015, 120,000 troubled families will have been ‘turned around'. (DCLG, 2013) Aniela Wenham of the University of York and Steve Crossley of Durham University present their research findings.

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