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Attachment Theory and Attachment-based Interventions Seminar

Making Research Count (York) Seminar, Attachment Theory and Attachment-based Interventions, 13 July 2011


MRC Seminar - Transition to Adult Services

Transition to Adult Services for Disabled Young People and those with Complex Health Needs. Making Research Count


MRC Seminar - End of Life Care

Supporting People to Live and Die Well. Making Research Count


MRC Seminar - Siblings of people with autism and learning disabilities

Making Research Count: Turning knowledge into practice


MRC Seminar - Social Pedagogy: A new approach for Children's Services

Making Research Count: Turning knowledge into practice


MRC Research Conference - Practitioner Research: making it count

Making Research Count: Turning knowledge into practice


MRC Seminar - Adoption Research Initiative: a synthesis of the findings from seven studies

The main focus of this event will be the dissemination of findings from the recently completed Adoption Research Initiative studies.

RESEARCH CONFERENCE - "PERSONALISATION IN PRACTICE: New Horizons in Adult Social Care Research" 9.45am - 3.15pm, 26 November 2010. Speakers: Caroline Glendinning, SSCR and SPRU, University of York; Kate Gridley and Jenni Brooks, SPRU, University of York and Liz Newbronner, Acton Shapiro. Venue: York

SEMINAR - "SERIOUS CASE REVIEWS Developing an understanding of their Impact" 10am - 12.15pm, 11 November 2010. Sue Bailey, Senior Research Associate, University of East Anglia. Venue - WAKEFIELD.

SEMINAR - "RESIDENTIAL CARE HOME WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Meeting older residents' future care needs" 9.30am - 11.45am, 14 October 2010. Deirdre Wild, Senior research Fellow (Hon), Sara Nelson, Research Fellow, University of the West of England, Bristol and Ala Szczepura, Professor of Health Services Research, Warwick University. Venue - University of York

SEMINAR/WORKSHOP "In My Shoes: a computer assisted interview for communicating with vulnerable adults". 10.15am - 2.00pm, 24th September 2010. David Glasgow, member of the In My Shoes Development Team, Child and Family Training. Venue - The Hesley Group, Hesley Hall, Doncaster.

SEMINAR "Respite care and short breaks for people with dementia: Developing person-centred services". 9.30am - 11.45am, 15th September 2010. Claire Bamford, Newcastle University. Venue - University of York.

REGIONAL CONFERENCE for Children's Services . "PUTTING CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE AT THE CENTRE: Using intelligence and innovative partipatory approaches to develop successful interventions" 10am - 4.15pm 15th July 2010. Venue - Pavilion Hotel, York

SEMINAR - "PERSONALISED TRANSITION: Innovations in health, education and support for young disabled people" 9.30am - 11.45am, 13th July 2010. Venue - University of York

DAY WORKSHOP - "IMPLEMENTING THE LAMING RECOMMENDATIONS: costs, implications and good practice" 9.30am - 4.30pm, 8th July 2010. Venue - Innovations Centre, University of York

SEMINAR - "PATHWAYS TO PERMANENCE: decision-making and long-term outcomes for children". 10.30am - 3.30 pm, 8th June 2010. Nina Biehal, SPRU, University of York and Julie Selwyn, University of Bristol. Venue - University of York

"What's in a Name: The words we use to describe those who user our services". 9.30am - 11.45am, 11th May 2010. Hugh McLaughlin, University of Salford. Venue - University of York

"The Personalisation of Adult Social Care in Rural Areas". 9.30am - 11.45am, 4th May 2010. Martin Stevens, Kings College London. Venue - University of York

POSTPONED "Money Matters and Bereavement". 9.30am - 11.45am, 28th April 2010. Anne Corden, Senior Research Fellow; and Michael Hirst, former Research Fellow, University of York. Venue - University of York.

"Offender health and social care: Reviewing the evidence on inter-agency collaboration". 9.30am - 11.45am, 18th March 2010. Iestyn Williams, Lecturer, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham. Venue - University of York.

"Extra Care Housing and People with Dementia: What do we know about what works?". 9.30am - 11.45am, 24th February 2010. Rachael Dutton, Research Manager, Housing 21. Venue - University of York.

REGIONAL CONFERENCE FOR ADULT SERVICES - "ADULT SOCIAL CARE TRANSFORMATION: Seizing the Opportunity!". 10am - 4pm, 3rd February 2010. Venue - The Priory Street Centre, York.

"Special Guardianship: What is it and how is it being used?" 9.30am - 11.45am, 12th January 2010. Jo Dixon, Research Fellow, Social Policy and Social Work, University of York. Venue - Univesity of York

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