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We regularly add new events to the programme and update the event details to include the full schedule and speaker biographies. Please get in touch if you have any queries.  ‌

Bursaries are available for students, staff and service users, as well as for volunteers from voluntary groups, community groups and charities; please ask for details.

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Who cares for the carers of people with dementia?

Family carers are the most valuable resource we have in dementia care, yet little is known about how best to support them.


'Your Life Beyond Care' - what care leavers say matters to their well-being

What are the experiences of care leavers from their own viewpoints: are they happy, safe and feel they are doing well? This session presents the findings from a Bright Spots online survey, Your Life Beyond Care, which measures the subjective well-being of care leavers.


Adults at Risk: the problems of gambling and hoarding

What is the incidence of gambling-related harm for adults at risk, especially those with dementia, cognitive impairment and mental health problems ? What is the current practice, and where are the gaps, in supporting those who hoard?

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