Ethical, policy and legal challenges in supporting people on Community Treatment Orders

Friday 12 July 2013, 1.00PM to 2.00pm

International Speaker for the second CMHSR seminar

Presented by: Dr Lisa Brophy´╗┐ (University of Melbourne).

Abstract and Slides

Seminar slides

Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) are a feature of all mental health legislation in Australia. CTOs enable involuntary treatment of people with mental illness in the community. CTOs present many ethical and practice dilemmas and currently new legislation proposed in Victoria is attempting to address the problems and unintended consequences attributed to the implementation of CTOs. Many people on CTOs have complex needs and while CTOs may be one method of ensuring they do not fall through the cracks in service delivery, the author will argue that CTOs are a very limited intervention in ensuring access to mental health care and treatment, and may represent a barrier to obtaining recovery focused service delivery in the community managed mental health support sector. People on CTOs deserve greater recognition of their needs and improved innovation in service delivery to enable a shift to less reliance on coercive interventions. The author will draw on various research projects she has undertaken focused on the experience of people on CTOs and other key stakeholders and her work on identifying principles for good practice.

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Location: ARRC Auditorium A/RC/014