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What do service users value in their mental health social worker?

Tuesday 21 May 2019, 1.00PM to 2pm

Speaker(s): Mark Wilberforce

International Centre for Mental Health Social Research Seminar.

Despite being a profession dedicated to the empowerment of service users, empirical study of mental health social work appears dominated by the perspectives of social workers themselves. What service users themselves value is less-often reported. 

This talk will present data based on the preferences of 144 service users on the caseloads of social workers in community mental health teams. Using a health economics technique called ‘best-worst scaling’, participants were asked to make choices between 10 social worker 'qualities'. These included a mix of those qualities that are unique to social work, with those generic to all mental health professionals. 

The talk will interpret the results in light of comments made by the service user/carer co-authors, who were central to the study design. By evaluating the extent to which specialist social work qualities are valued by service users, the findings may help to demonstrate the unique 'added-value' of the discipline. 

Location: A/C/209