Annual Conference: Online Masters in Public Management

Thursday 9 September 2010, 12.00PM to Sat 11 Sept 2011

Students and alumni from Angola, India, Mozambique, the Netherlands, Nigeria, the UK and Zimbabwe joined the online Masters staff team and four invited speakers at the University of York for the 2010 annual eMA conference. This year’s theme was chosen to explore the potential and challenges of policy transfer, and to reflect the increasingly globalised context of public policy and management.

The Conference Speakers

The invited speakers provided four distinct but complementary perspectives on the theme of policy learning and policy transfer.

Dr Richard Common drew attention to the importance of the institutional and cultural context in understanding the transferability of policy ideas and solutions, drawing on research in Georgia and Saudi Arabia.

Dr Rachel Lowerson provided an academic and practitioner perspective on the role of policy discourse as a means of understanding how policy problems are framed and addressed, drawing on examples from child support policy in the UK and noting how stakeholders coalesced around a ‘storyline’ which they unconsciously held in common.

The value of comparative study as a contribution to policy-making was emphasised by Professor Jonathan Bradshaw using a major research report for UNICEF into child wellbeing across OECD countries.

Dr Gordon Alexander provided a perspective from a senior role within UNICEF, looking at the role of the organisation in facilitating the transfer of policy and practice and at the movers and drivers of change.

Further details of the speakers’ presentations and the group work carried out during the conference are contained within our Public Management Conference Report 2010 (PDF , 1,854kb)

Location: Alcuin Research Resource Centre, The University of York