SPEAX Seminar: Challenges and developments in the voluntary sector

Friday 13 December 2013, 10.00AM

Speaker(s): Dr Neil Lunt & Dr Kate Brown

Dr Kate Brown, Dr Neil Lunt, SPEAX visiting fellow Professor Tae Soo Lee and visitors from the Community Chest Organisation

Dr Neil Lunt and Dr Kate Brown hosted a seminar for academics and service managers from South Korea on voluntary sector developments and challenges in the UK. South Korea's Community Chest Organisation supported the visit to the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at the University of York.

There was a discussion of the funding pressures being experienced by the voluntary sector, considering a macro-level overview of funding sources, trends and challenges, and how pressures were being resolved at the local level. Topics discussed included:

• Reductions to local authority contracts and the implications.
• Re-structuring of local authorities' delivery systems, especially subcontracting.
• Uncertainty, costs transferred, changes in personnel.
• Rise of larger providers.
• Intensified competition for traditional trust/grant funding (reduction in success rates of bids/ funders wanting 'new' projects).

Location: AC/209, Alcuin C