Social work

Social Work

What it means to be a social worker

Listen to the recording by one of our MA students on developing the identity of a social worker.


Once you have established your social work career, you can help those just starting out by becoming a Practice Educator. Our Practice Education in Social Work courses will equip you with the knowledge, skills and approaches necessary to best support MSocW and MA social work students, and enable you to meet the HCPC requirement for a formal practice teaching qualification.

Careers in social work

MSocW Social Work and MA Social Work 

  • Qualified social worker in England
  • Communication skills, human behaviour, in-depth specialist knowledge, working in public sector organisations

MRes Social Work

  • Researcher within social work organisations or academia
  • Social research training and critical analysis of social work theories and debates

Relevance of our degrees

Our MSocW and MA Social Work degree courses qualify you as a social worker in England. As such, through academic study and practice-based learning, you will have the skills and knowledge to become an excellent social worker.

Core to our Social Work programmes is training in reflective practice, this is a valuable process to help you develop your skills and competences based on your own experiences. If, however, you decide on completing your course you wish to undertake different areas of work our programmes will have developed your skills in:

  • exercising authority in complex social situations
  • enabling others to achieve their goals
  • managing risk to self, service users and colleagues
  • advanced group work situations
  • advanced communication skills.

This can lead you into a wide range of careers which focus on working with people. 

Profile: Mark

Mark graduated with a 2:1 BA Social Work degree.

Mark now works as an Acting Manager of a team of 7 keyworkers who deliver intensive family support for those families identified with issues relating to crime, anti-social behaviour, non/poor attendance of education, mental health issues, unemployment, debts, housing problems, child protection plans, etc.

Developing a career

If you wish to become a professional social worker:


Continuing professional development

Developing a career as a manager you may consider our online Masters programmes in public policy and management. If you become a social work policy-maker or researcher our MRes programmes will provide appropriate subject-specific research training.