Social enterprise

Social Enterprise

What makes a social entrepreneur?

"Social entrepreneurs are those individuals who, through their business ventures, seek to bring about social change and make either their community or the wider community a better place."

From: University's Social Enterprise pages

Careers in social enterprise

A social enterprise is an organisation that has a positive impact in society, but is equally sustainable and profitable. As a social entrepreneur you will make a difference in your local society by tackling a social issue, generating employment or providing a service. Social enterprises also need people who are dynamic, creative and adaptable, perhaps to fill changing roles or react to changing situations.

Relevance of our degrees

Our BA Social Policy and Applied Social Science programmes offer a specific module in social enterprise. You will develop an understanding of how social enterprises fit into the modern economy and their relationships with other organisations both in the public, private and third sector.

SPSW is a hub of expertise in teaching social enterprise, constructing a toolkit for other institutions to use to train and develop their own students. The knowledge you gain in the Department can lead into practical experience either as a volunteer or establishing your own social enterprise with the support of the University Careers team.

Our online postgraduate programmes also offer a specialist module in social enterprise and innovation in public services, and have welcomed a number of students from social enterprise organisations. 

Entrepreneurship culture

The University operates a fund for aspiring social entrepreneurs which can help you to launch your idea or project - Community Fund

York Entreprenuers are one of the largest societies on campus

Enactus York is a global community of student, academic and business leaders committed to transform communities and make the world a more sustainable environment