Communications and media

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Transferable skills and knowledge

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Careers in communications and media

Through our courses you will develop the ability to present arguments, understand and convey information and be conscious of different actors in a situation. Typical careers in this field include:

  • Press and communications
  • Journalism
  • Public relations
  • Media and production

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Relevance of our degrees

All of our programmes will develop your abilities in thorough research and critical analysis. These highly sought after qualities are particularly relevant to journalism and working in the media. Students who go on to work in communications and PR roles draw upon their knowledge and understanding of how organisations work together, particularly social and political organisations. In such roles you will use your skills to present an argument using relevant research and data in order to persuade and inform. You will develop these skills through independent study experienced on our courses.

The academic knowledge gained from our programmes is also invaluable. Media organisations appreciate graduates with a broad view of the world around us, able to acknowledge different points of view and understand the way society works.

Some of our students combine their academic studies with activities in the University's student media societies, gaining experience and contacts to complement the in-depth specialist knowledge of how the society works from their degree course.

University Radio York

York Student Television

York Vision: The UK's most awarded student newspaper

Nouse:  student newspaper, oldest and largest media outlet on campus

University of York Media Awards 2015

Profile: Tim

Tim graduated in social policy and now works as a TV Producer/Director.

Series Producer


After I graduated from York I worked as a TV runner and have worked my way up from there. I’m currently the Series Producer on Britain’s Got More Talent and The Xtra Factor. I initially choose to go to the University of York because of its reputation. I didn't want to go to university in London and liked the fact that York was a campus based university.

Social Skills

The collegiate system gave York a community feel and definitely helped with the social aspect of university, which for me was as important as the academic side. Being at York really helped me to meet people from different areas of life from all over the world. Learning to utilise my social skills at York helped me in terms of getting a job after I graduated.

Great transferable skills

Studying social policy gave me a great all-round general knowledge. It involved a lot of topics that were in the news at the time and taught me to summarise succinctly and get to the crux of what’s important. This aspect has really helped in my career. Studying a subject like social policy shows you have an interest outside of TV and I think social science degrees provide great transferable skills. I remember at my first job interview the interviewer was impressed that I had a degree in social policy rather than media.

Campus media

Outside of my degree, I got involved in the campus media and worked as News Editor of Vision. I was also Merchandise Representative for the Derwent College JCR. Working on the paper taught me to work to tight deadlines and work out what the heart of a story is quickly and distinctly - all crucial skills for working in TV.

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Profile: Zhongyu

Zhongyu, MA Social Policy

Zhongyu is one of our students from China studying our MA Social Policy programme. Her interests are in housing policy with a particular focus on comparing first-time buyer policies in the UK and China, but after her studies she is considering a move into journalism.

Great sensitivity and perception


Since high school, my dream is to be a journalist. Studying Social Policy has provided me with a great sensitivity and perception of what is happening in the world. Something I believe no other subject can rival.