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Careers in global organisations

Programmes in the Department cater for a number of careers in international organisations, agencies and NGOs (Non-governmental organisations). Typical careers which students may go into, or from which postgraduate students have come to study with us:

  • Policy evaluation and advocacy officer
  • Communications officer
  • Policy and research officer
  • Monitoring and evaluation officer
  • UN, EU, related agencies and NGOs

Relevance of our degrees

Our Social Policy programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level include modules which focus on international and comparative social policy. You will be equipped with critical analytical skills and data analysis skills which enable you to study large data sets and draw conclusions. Throughout the programme, comparing and contrasting different theories, data and approaches from different sources and countries is a skill that is developed.

Our campus-based taught Masters programmes offer specialist: 

  • MA Comparative and International Social Policy
  • MA Global Social Policy 
  • MA Global Crime and Justice

programmes for those who want to study the global relationships of social policy in detail.

Our 21-month MPA Comparative Applied Social and Public Policy, Evaluation and Research is designed for mid-career professionals to develop their policy and evaluation practice in a practical and supported way.

Our Online Masters Programmes draw students from over 70 countries from a range of local, national and international organisations, and have been designed for mid-career professionals working in complex and fast-changing public or non-governmental contexts who are seeking to enhance their skills and strategic capacity. In particular, the course builds capacity to influence, contribute to or lead the international development agenda at local, national or international levels.

Developing a career

Initial training

  • BA Social Policy or related discipline

Leading to

  • Graduate training schemes
  • Active roles in organisations
  • Further study or training, for example MA Comparative and International Social Policy, MA Global Social Policy, MA Global Crime and Justice or MRes Social Policy

Progressing to

  • Professional and managerial levels

Professional development

  • With some professional experience: online postgraduate certificates or Masters programmes relevant to your role studied part-time, online.
  • Mid-career: MPA Comparative Applied Social and Public Policy, Evaluation and Research specialist MPA, two-year programme based on campus but with time out on placement and working with a mentor.