Criminal justice

Criminal Justice System [Photo (cc)]

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Careers in criminal justice

Suited primarily to graduates from the BA Social Policy (Crime and Criminal Justice) degree programme, typical career paths in crime and criminal justice systems include:

  • police
  • solicitor or barrister (via Law conversion courses)
  • probation officer
  • prison service
  • courts service
  • government departments and agencies
  • youth offending teams

Career pathway ideas and industry insight

Our BA Social Policy (Crime and Criminal Justice) degree programme equips students with a broad basis in social science with direct application and relevance to jobs in the criminal justice sector.

You will come away with an appreciation of how different systems work, the policy impacts upon them and the relationship of justice systems with society. You will be able to draw upon specialist modules in:

  • the sociology of crime and deviance
  • victimisation and social harm
  • the processes of the criminal justice system
  • exploring crime prevention, rehabilitation and punishment

With an understanding of the philosophies which underpin thinking in criminal justice, and a critical approach in policy-making, students will have the skills to affect criminal justice in an objective and informed way.