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York Alumni Association, the University of York’s online community for alumni and friends. The site launched in 2011 and we encourage all our alumni to sign up for the site for free. Through YorkSpace you can:

Share your story

We are always keen to hear what our students have gone on to do. Did your course change your view of the world? Did you discover new careers you never thought you would be working in? Was there a lecturer who gave you a golden piece of advice that has stuck with you ever since?

We would like to hear your story, so that we can share them with current and prospective students to show how their degree relates to future careers and interests. We'd welcome a short written piece, photos, audio recording or video if you feel so inclined. If you have a blog or videos on YouTube that convey your profession, then we'd be happy to link to them from our site too.

Contact for more information about how you can help inspire our students.