Visiting students

We are delighted to welcome visiting students. Each year we host students from all over the world, contributing to our lively international atmosphere. We pride ourself on our wide range of interesting courses and our supportive learning environment. We are internationally recognised for our research: the excitement of studying society and culture is shared by staff and students alike.

By coming to York as a visiting student, you will experience academic and social life in a friendly UK university. You'll learn from the diverse experiences of students from across the globe - and they will learn from you too. In addition to taught classes, there are many public lectures and seminars, and events organised by the Sociology Society to get involved in.

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Undergraduate module choices

For more information about the modules listed below please look at the following documents which give module outlines:

First Year modules

These modules can be taken in the Autumn term only or as a full year course

  • Cultivating a Sociological Imagination
  • Introduction to Social Theory
  • Sociology of Crime & Deviance
  • Introducing Social Psychology

Second Year modules

These modules can be taken in the Autumn term and/or Spring term (unless stated otherwise) or as a full year course

  • Gender, Sexuality & Inequalities
  • Social Interaction & Conversation Analysis (Autumn or full year only)
  • Crime, Culture & Social Change
  • Sociology of Health & Illness
  • Social Research Methods
  • Critical Perspectives on Social Psychology
  • Popular Culture, Media & Society
  • Contemporary Political Sociology (Autumn or full year only)
  • Science in Society
  • Division & Inequalities: Race & Ethnicity, Class & Religion

Third Year modules

Autumn Term

These modules can be taken in the Autumn term only 

  • Humans & Other Animals
  • Advanced Social Theory
  • Paranormal In Society
  • Birth, Marriage & Death
  • Cinema, Cities & Crime
  • Crime, Gender & Sexuality

Spring Term

These modules can be taken in the Spring term only 

  • Theoretical Criminology
  • The Racial State
  • Performance & Society
  • Contemporary Research in Social Psychology
  • Art, Tastes & Stratification
  • Crime, Justice & the Sex Industry
  • Imagining Sociological Alternatives
  • Body & Society