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Exploring how people living with dementia access and use their garden in everyday life

Exploring the role of gardens in the everyday lives of people with dementia who are living at home, this research aims to help improve support and design for the use gardens in community and care contexts. Using interviews and participant diaries, the project was able to highlight the significance of outdoor spaces for the well-being of people living with dementia; view the full list of research findings here.

VIP: Voices in Partnership, Video-Informed Practice

Most existing research on birth is based on interviewing or surveying women some weeks after birth, so the details of what was said in labour are lost. Addressing this, this research focuses on the talk that happens between staff, women in labour, and their birth partners when giving birth in maternity units. The project aims to inform and empower staff, women and birth partners to communicate in ways that promote choice; view the research outputs of the project here.

Pathways, practices and architectures: containing antimicrobial resistance in the cystic fibrosis clinic (PARC)

Due to the infection risk of people with Cystic Fibrosis mixing, clinics must build containment and segregation (of people and pathogens) into the practices and material design of the CF world. This project analyses variations in the ways in which lung infection clinics achieve segregation and containment, seeking to learn how to limit AMR in wider healthcare settings. See more information about the project in the video below.