International students in Sociology

Bao Chuang Huang (PhD Sociology @ York)

Bao-Chung Huang

When thinking of studying abroad the University of York was my first choice, and I never regretted making this decision. My supervisor always provides valuable concepts and experiences through the discussion on my research project, which makes my thesis go smoothly. The processes of discussion on theory and the opinions exchanged in seminars are also very beneficial and enjoyable.

Furthermore, there are many academic as well as administrative members of staff at the department; they all invest a lot of time answering my questions and advising on research skills, which benefits me greatly. The most important thing is the friendly staff, they provide many useful experiences of living and opinions of studies for oversea students, this advice lets me feel more confident about studying abroad.

Nermeed Sayed Hanafy (PhD Communication Studies @ York)

Nermeen Sayed Hanafy

My research interests include the study of online political communication, the reasons why and the ways in which citizens and activists use new technologies to create and shape their engagement with continuous political issues in order to achieve social and political transformation towards robust democracy. My PhD focuses on Egyptian activists’ use and perceptions of the potential of social media platforms as apparatus for grassroots empowerment and democratic engagement.

Additional to being an interdisciplinary program which allows me to benefit diversity of disciplines, i.e. politics and psychology, doing research on communication studies in Sociology Department adds a lot to the richness of my experience. It helps me learn how to conduct good research, and how to take my research to the real world.

Studying at York means constantly interaction with and learning from prestigious highly qualified expertise, friendly colleagues and administrative members of staff. They have always showed profound readiness for providing support and help which started even before I arrived in the UK. It is this supportive environment that makes me believe that with the course of years, I will develop my skills and be able to transfer a valuable experience to my country, Egypt.

Keith McIntosh (Phd Sociology @ York)

Keith McIntosh

I chose to pursue PhD study in the sociology department at the University of York for its reputation in sociological theory, technology studies and methodology. These are issues at the heart of contemporary sociology and will likely define the discipline in the coming decades. As an international student from the United States, I have been able to gain fresh insight into ongoing sociological problems. Encountering differing points of view and being forced aware of misconceptions is at the heart of the international student experience.

My experience in the sociology department at the University of York has enabled me to benefit from the expertise available within the department while at the same time acquiring insight only gained from an outsider perspective.