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Yehan Wang
PhD student



PhD – Sociology, University of York

MA – Media and Journalism, University of Newcastle

BA – Journalism of Broadcast and Television, Hebei University

Yehan Wang is a doctoral candidate currently studying at the University of York, UK. Her research focuses on the control of popular culture in China and the audience perception of and resistance to this. She earned a Master Degree in Media and Journalism at the University of Newcastle, UK, where she was awarded two academic prizes for the best overall performance and the best dissertation. Yehan's education experience during her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree nurtured her broad research interests and developed her related skillset, which includes art and media design, film and television production, government policy and public relations as well as non-linear editing and basic coding.

Yehan has also gained relevant work experience beyond her university education. She worked for the HBIS Media Center as a journalist, television host and editor of a magazine. She is proficient in Adobe Premiere video editing (including dubbing) and Adobe InDesign magazine design software.



Yehan has been immersed in a vibrant atmosphere of media production and culture consumption for many years. The roles she has held within media companies developed her awareness of how media giants are attaching importance to audiences' perceptions and using strategies in media-production to fill the gaps left by government control in China. Yehan's academic and work experiences have led her to design a detailed and effective analysis strategy in order to achieve a clear understanding of popular culture control in China, the audience perception of it and the subsequent resistance to it.

Yehan’s thesis investigates the areas of online Xuanhuan TV Series, the hip-pop music show "the rap of China" as well as e-sports and explores how these products of popular culture filter into people's daily lives.

Areas of research

  • Media production and culture consumption
  • Government control of popular culture and audience resistance
  • Interaction between strategies of media companies and government policies

Yehan is also interested in the fields of:

  • Critical discourse analysis on news coverage
  • Politics and international relations
  • The One Belt and One Road initiative and the national image construction of China
  • Brexit and national identity
  • Public images of female politicians and social media

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Yehan Wang
PhD student
Department of Sociology
University of York
YO10 5DD