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Rachele Salvatelli



PhD (in progress) - Sociology, University of York
MA - Political Philosophy, University of York
MA - Philosophy and Ethics of Relations, University of Perugia
BA - Philosophy, University of Perugia

Rachele joined the University of York in 2014 after being awared the White Rose College of Arts and Humanities Master scholarship. In 2017, she began her in PhD in Sociology under the supervision of Dr Steph Lawler and Professor Sarah Nettleton. Her doctoral project focuses on the concepts of resistance, identity, body politics, recognition and group identity.

Using the body-positive movement as a case study, she analyses the birth and development of resistance among individuals who have experienced forms of societal oppression in relation to their bodies.

Rachele is an associate editor at Cultivate, the feminist journal of the Centre for Women's Studies at the University of York.



My current research centres around the narratives of fat body positive individuals and the ways in which they construct their identities in relation to their 'unruly' bodies. This project is supervised by Professor Sarah Nettleton and Dr Steph Lawler.


Selected publications

Publications and Dissertations:

  • Salvatelli, R. (2019). On Fat Female Embodiment: Narratives of ‘Coming Out as Fat’. International Journal of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies. Vol. 4(1). Pp. 43-52.
  • Salvatelli, R. (2015). What are the young citizens' attitudes toward gender norms, in general, and masculinity, in particular? Unpublished MA dissertation. University of York, York.
  • Salvatelli, R. (2014). The Struggle for Recognition. Women's Political Representation. Unpublished MA dissertation. University of Perugia, Perugia.
  • Salvatelli, R. (2011). Bioethics and Secularism. The case-study of Euthanasia. Unpublished BA dissertation. University of Perugia, Perugia.

Conference Papers:

  • Salvatelli, R. (2019). "Body Positivity and Clothes Consumption: How Fat Body Positive Individuals Narrate Their Bodies Through Clothing". BSA Postgraduate Forum Regional Event "These are a few of my favourite things: exploring the value of material culture in the everyday". University of Sheffielf, 1 March.
  • Salvatelli, R. (2018). "On Fat Female Embodiment: Narratives of 'Coming Out as Fat'". 3rd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender and Women's Studies. Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Centre. Istanbul, 14 December.
  • Salvatelli, R. (2018). "On Fat Female Embodiment: Narratives of 'Coming Out as Fat'". Centre for the Study of Women and Gender. Graduate Seminar Series “Narratives of Embodiment: empowering bodies and practices". University of Warwick, 28 November.
  • Salvatelli, R. (2018). "Empowering Fat Bodies: 'Coming Out as Fat'". Sociology PG Conference "Empowered Bodies". University of York, 26 June.



I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the following modules:

  • Introduction to Sociological Theory (Department of Sociology)
  • Introducing Sociology and Psychology (Deparment of Social Policy and Social Work)
  • Rethinking Society: Learning to Think Sociologically (Centre for the Lifelong Learning)

Other teaching

 I also work for the Learning Enhancement team as an Academic Skills (Schools and Colleges) Workshop Presenter.

Rachele Salvatelli

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Rachele Salvatelli
PhD Student
Department of Sociology
University of York
Wentworth College
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