Accessibility statement

Ozge Onay



PhD University of York,

MA Istanbul Bilgi University,
Cultural Studies

BA Istanbul University,
American Culture and Literature

Ozge’s interest in ethnic and minority studies developed during her undergraduate degree at Istanbul University where she analysed the similarities between two under-privileged communities having completely different cultural backgrounds.

Upon completing her BA in American Culture and Literature with minorities and migration in mind, she decided to go on in academia with the aim of conducting a research on third-generation Dutch-Turks who were born and bred in a small village called Overijjsel.

Her MA in Cultural Studies equipped Ozge with an awareness and understanding of the theoretical traditions and concepts that shape Cultural Studies as a discipline with a speciality in minority studies. Alongside getting a degree, she started working as an English Language Instructor in certain universities in Istanbul.

Ozge began her PhD in Yildiz Technical University right after completion her MA in Istanbul Bilgi University, where she completed a prescribed course of graduate study and passed comprehensive exams.To pursue her intellectual interests, she decided to start another PhD in the UK. Her research revolves around the impact of Islamophobia and War on Terror on the British born Turkish origin citizens.



Ozge currently uses qualitative research methods to examine to what extent young British-Turks, in search of identity, adapt to their lives in Britain under the sociological framework.


Selected publications

  • Onay, O (2015). Integration problems of Dutch-Turkish youngsters (Masters dissertation, İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi).
  • Onay, O. (2016). Pueblos Silenciosos/Silent Communities: Within the Grain, Against the Grain. CINEJ Cinema Journal
  • Onay, O (2018). Motivation Behind. ŞİDDET VE SOSYAL TRAVMALAR, 190.

Conference Presentations

  • Onay, O. (2015, July). Integration Problems of Dutch-Turkish Youngsters: A Qualitative Research Paper. Paper Presented at the Conference Called Turkish Migration Conference, University of Vienna, Austria.
  • Onay, O. (2018, September). The Affective Interactions between Turkish-Cypriots and a Ruined Physical Environment: Varosha, the Tale of the Ghost Town. Paper Presented at the Seminar: City (Re)Shaped, University of Leeds, UK.



She currently works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant on the 2nd Year Division and Inequalities: Race and Ethnicity, Class and Religion Module.

Contact details

Ozge Onay
PhD Student
Department of Sociology
University of York
Wentworth College
North Yorkshire
YO10 5DD