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Lyndsey Kramer



My BSc honours degree was in Social Policy at The University of Plymouth and included a focus on the application of sociological theory to social policy and citizenship.

Whilst studying at Plymouth I worked as a survey interviewer in the Department of Sociology and as a research assistant in the Department of Social Policy.

My BSc honours earned an ESRC award to study for a master’s degree in public administration at Exeter University.

Further experience has been gained by working as a college lecturer. 


Selected publications


Sue BellassJennie Lister,  Charlotte KitchenLyndsey Kramer et al (2021) Living with diabetes alongside a severe mental illness: A qualitative exploration with people with severe mental illness, family members and healthcare staff.  Diabetic Medicine


Lyndsey Kramer [book review] Making Sense of Brexit: Democracy, Europe and

Uncertain Futures. Victor Seidler Network Magazine of the British Sociological Association, Spring 2021 pp28 - 29


Lyndsey Kramer (2020) 'How will Brexit affect migration from the EU's A8 countries?'

The Political Studies Association


Lyndsey Kramer (2020) 'Using Capital to understand the attacks on the US Capitol' Everyday Sociology British Sociology Association


Lyndsey Kramer (2021) 'Reclaiming Stigma, Discreditability and the normal state of the abnormal'. Everyday Sociology British Sociological Association

Lyndsey Kramer (2021) Exploring Capital in Migrant Digital Communities  The Sociology Review

Contact details

Lyndsey Kramer
PhD Student
Department of Sociology
University of York
Wentworth Graduate College
North Yorkshire
YO10 5DD