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Jerry Booth
PhD Student



Before joining a medical school Jerry was a head of department and held faculty roles in art and design, specialising in radio, film and television. He also worked with and for various European cultural organisations establishing, running and evaluating international networks and projects in the arts. 




Using participant and non-participant observation and original sources the thesis employs a historical case study approach to examine the consequences of the GMC’s regulation of undergraduate medical education in the UK since the 1990s.

It offers an analysis that uncovers some of the roots of clinical practice as it is learned by tomorrow’s doctors through an examination of the operational and often unintended consequences of regulatory and educational practice, in an attempt to see how undergraduate medical education has come to be as it is. It argues that it cannot be properly understood without a perspective that traces how information travels between the regulator, the universities, the schools and the NHS, and it explores how seeing, saying and writing are deployed in the processes of learning and assessment. 


Selected publications

Recent conference papers

  • Booth, J. (2016) 'Tomorrow’s doctors 1993-2009: from liberal manifesto to neoliberal manual?' Paper in the symposium Should medical education be based in universities? at AMEE Barcelona, August
  • Booth, J. (2014) ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors from manifesto to manual', paper presented at the Association for the Study of Medical Education Annual Conference Brighton 17th July
  • Booth, J. (2013) ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors and clinical placements: standards, text and context’ paper presented at British Sociological Association Medical Sociology Group Annual Conference York 11th September
  • Booth, J. (2013) ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors, the curriculum and professional learning on clinical placements in undergraduate medical education’, paper presented at Critical Perspectives on Professional Learning Sixth Annual Conference Leeds 17th June
  • Booth, J. (2012) ‘Integrating Sociology into the Medical Curriculum’, paper presented at British Sociological Association Social Science Teaching in Medicine: Current State of the Art & Future Directions Cardiff University School of Social Sciences 6 July

Published papers

  • Hammond, A., Collins, S., Booth J., and Kalia, S. (2009). Learning from evaluation: a descriptive student-informed approach. Clinical Teacher 6.2 73-78
  • Booth, J., Collins, S. and Hammond, A. (2008). Considered evaluation of clinical placements in a new medical school. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 1.12
  • Booth, J. (1992). Weathertexts. In R. Andrews (ed.) Rebirth of Rhetoric. LongmansBooth, J. (1976). Rationalisation and crisis in British Publishing. In P. Altbach and S. McVey (eds) Perspectives on Publishing. D.C. Heath


  • Booth, J. (1999). Strategies for the Future. Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council
  • Booth, J. (1980). A Different Animal. I.B.A.


  • Lewis, P.M., and Booth, J. (1989). The Invisible Medium: public, private and community radio, Macmillan

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Jerry Booth
PhD Student
Department of Sociology
University of York
North Yorkshire
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