Accessibility statement

Dimitra Mouriki



BA - Psychology, School of Social Sciences, University of Crete
MSc - Community & Critical Social Psychology, Schools of Psychological & Social Sciences, York St John University
PhD- Sociology (in progress), University of York

Dimitra completed her undergraduate studies in the University of Crete, in the Department of Psychology. During her studies she had the opportunity to examine foundational and current theories. As she was interested in combining practical interventions with the scientific study of social process, she decided to do a master in Critical Social & Community Psychology in York St John University. She offered her services and psychosocial support in a LGBT youth community (MESMAC). Also, she had the opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of various mental health issues and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) emergencies, working as psychologist with an NGOs in refugee camps in Greece. In 2017, she started her PhD in the Department of Sociology, University of York. She is aiming to explore the political aspects of SGBV from a gender perspective, by researching SGBV incidents that refugee women experience.

Her experience and professional involvement in the refugee camp has driven her to question SGBV incidents as a perpetuation of male domination and as inherently political acts, taking into consideration the complexity of women’s experience. Dimitra is interested in LGBT movements and rights, critical feminism, gender and migration studies and critical social policies and interventions.