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Dimitra Mouriki



BA - Psychology, School of Social Sciences, University of Crete
MSc - Community & Critical Social Psychology, Schools of Psychological & Social Sciences, York St John University
PhD- Sociology (in progress), University of York

Dimitra completed her undergraduate studies in the University of Crete, in the Department of Psychology. During her studies she had the opportunity to examine foundational and current theories. As she was interested in combining practical interventions with the scientific study of social process, she decided to do a master in Critical Social & Community Psychology in York St John University. During her MA, she became familiar on community psychology’s theories/methods, ameliorative and transformative interventions.

She offered her services and psychosocial support in a LGBT youth community (MESMAC). Also, she participated in planning community-based participatory projects. Dimitra had the opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of various mental health issues and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) emergencies, working as psychologist with various national and international NGOs in refugee camps in Greece. In 2017, she started her PhD in the Department of Sociology, University of York. She is aiming to explore the political aspects of violence from a gender perspective, by researching SGBV incidents that refugee women experience.

Her experience and professional involvement in the refugee camps has driven her to question SGBV incidents as a perpetuation of male domination and as inherently political acts, taking into consideration the complexity of women’s experience.



Dimitra uses qualitative and participatory research methods to explore women’s refugee experiences of violence and aid workers’ views who work in support of these women. Moreover, her research focus is on the gendered nature/structure of the refugee camps.  

Dimitra is interested in migration and refugee studies, gender, border studies, feminist geography, critical feminism, critical social policies and humanitarian interventions. 



I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the following modules:

  • Introducing Social Psychology, Department of Sociology
  • Social Psychology, Department of Psychology
  • Introducing Sociology & Psychology, Department of Social Policy & Social Work
  • Contemporary Issues in Social & Political Sciences, Department of Social Policy & Social Work


Selected publications

Selected Publications

  • Mouriki, D. (2021) Sexual and gender-based violence against refuge women as a continuum of violence. In O. Lynch, J. Windle, & Y. Ahmed (Eds) Nothing about us without us Giving voice to diversity in Criminological Research: Nothing about us without us. Bristol University Press
  • Mouriki, D. (2021) (Book Review) Trauma, women’s mental health, and social justice: Pitfalls and possibilities. Feminism & Psychology, 31 (2), 306-309
  • Burman, E. [translated by Dimitra Mouriki] Το φύλο στην αναπτυξιακή ψυχολογία: προς μια πολτική οικονομία της ψυχολογικής ‘προόδου’ [‘Gender and Developmental Psychology: Political Economy of Development]. In Menthinis M. (Ed.) & The Critical Psychology Network (Eds) Επανορίζοντας το Ψυχοκοινωνικό: Κείμενα Κριτικής Κοινωνικής Ψυχολογίας [Redefining the Psychosocial: Texts of Critical Social Psychology).Epikentro, Thessaloniki, pp. 133-155.
  • Karadimas, E., Mouriki, D., Sotirxou, S., Tzakou, D. and Giannaki, M. (2012) General affect, illness representations, coping with illness, and subjective health chronic patients Psychology: the Journal of the Hellenic Psychological Society, 19(3), 333-347. doi:


Conference papers

  • Mouriki, D. The interrelations of the lay out of the camp and the occurrence of sexual and gender-based violence against refugee women incidents’. Presented at the 7th International Postgraduate Summer School “Cultures, Migrations, Borders”, Greece, 2018
  • Mouriki, D.‘Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) against refuge women as a continuum of violence’. Presented at the 12th North South Criminology Conference, Cork, Ireland, September 2019
  • Mouriki, D. ‘Refugee camps as sites of protection or zones of violence? Discussing sexual and gender-based violence incidences (SGBV)’. Presented at Gender Studies Conference on Violence, Helsinki, Finland, October, 2019

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PhD Student
Department of Sociology
University of York
Wentworth College
North Yorkshire
YO10 5DD