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Prof Paul Johnson
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  • BA (Hons) (Durham)
  • MA (Durham)
  • PhD (Newcastle)
  • PGCAP (Surrey)

After leaving school at 16 and spending 5 years working in various jobs (and a few periods of unemployment) I went to Derwentside College in Consett to study for a Higher Education Foundation Course (an access course). From there I went to the University of Durham and graduated in 1997 with a BA in Sociology and Social Policy. I stayed in Durham to complete an MA and then obtained a PhD from the University of Newcastle in 2002. I worked in the School of Applied Social Sciences at the University of Durham from 2002, and from 2006 I was Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey. I moved to York in 2012 as Anniversary Reader in Sociology and was subsequently promoted to a personal chair. In 2017 I became Head of Department.



I am a sociologist interested in law and social control. My research is concerned with a number of broad questions about the relationship between law, human rights and sexual orientation. I also research aspects of policing in a number of jurisdictions.

My recent publications include the books: 

I have a specific interest in the European Convention on Human Rights and edit the ECHR Sexual Orientation Blog which provides up to date information on issues relating to sexual orientation in Council of Europe member states.

I also maintain the Going to Strasbourg website which is dedicated to research on the motivations and aspirations of people in the UK who have made complaints in the European Court of Human Rights about sexual orientation discrimination.


My recent research activity has included the following:

I have, with Professor Robert Vanderbeck and Dr Silvia Falcetta, carried out the first empirical study of religious same-sex marriages in England and Wales and published a report on the findings.

I have written a comprehensive but condensed assessment of the current state of human rights protection offered to LGBTI people by the Council of Europe (a draft of the forthcoming chapter is available).

With Dr Falcetta, I have produced studies of the European Court of Human Rights' approach to sexual orientation discrimination in respect of:

  • Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights (in European Law Review) 
  • Article 12 of the European Convention on Human Rights (a draft of our forthcoming chapter is available)
  • Migration (in Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law)
  • Central and Eastern Europe (European Human Rights Law Review)

Professor Vanderbeck and I have published an article, in the Journal of Law and Society, on faith-based discrimination against same-sex couples in England and Wales in relation to marriage, and an article in the Oxford Journal of Law and Religion on the role of the Church of England in ensuring that "religious exceptions" are included in UK sexual orientation equality law. 

I have continued my collaboration with Professor Karen Bullock at the University of Surrey through our research project "Faith in Policing: The Co-Production of Crime Control", and an article from this project, on police engagement with Muslim communities, has been published in Policing and Society

Shorter pieces of writing include an article in the Huffington Post on the so-called "Turing Pardons", as well as the text of a "Pint of Science" talk on gay rights as human rights. I gave the third Annual Belfast Pride Law Lecture in August 2019 at Queen's University on "Popularism, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, and the European Convention on Human Rights".  

I also produced a 30-minute podcast for the Going to Strasbourg research project.

Legislative activity:

I work closely, in a non-party-political capacity, with the UK Parliament on various aspects of sexual orientation law.

In 2016, I proposed the repeal of the last remaining discriminatory law relating to homosexuality and the armed forces, which resulted in the enactment of section 14 of the Armed Forces Act 2016 (read about it here).

In 2017, I drafted several provisions for the Policing and Crime Act 2017, which provides posthumous pardons for those convicted of now repealed sexual offences (read about it here).

In 2018, I drafted a Bill to make provision for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland. 


Full publications list


Edited Book

  • Johnson, P. and Dalton, D. (2012) Policing Sex. London: Routledge.

Articles in peer-reviewed journals 

  • Johnson, P. (2019) 'Buggery and Parliament: 1533-2017'. Parliamentary History. (in press).
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Book Chapters

  • Bengtson, S., Gonzalez-Salzberg, D., Hodson, L. and Johnson, P. (2019) 'Christine Goodwin v the United Kingdom', in Hodson, L. and Lavers, T. (eds) Feminist Judgments in International Law. London: Bloomsbury. 
  • Johnson, P. (2018) 'The Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights'. In Andreas R. Ziegler (ed.) International LGBTI Law: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law from an International-Comparative Perspective (forthcoming: draft available here).
  • Johnson, P. and Falcetta, S. (2018) 'Same-sex Marriage and Article 12 of the European Convention on Human Rights'. In Ashford, C. and Maine, A (eds.) Research Handbook on Gender, Sexuality and the Law (Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming: draft available here).
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Shorter articles

Review articles

  • Johnson, P. (2005) ‘Improvisation and Constraint: New Work by Judith Butler’. Sociology. 39(4): 755-759.
  • Johnson, P. (2001) ‘The histories of sexuality: the future of debate’. Social Epistemology. 15(2): 127-137.

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