Dr Kasia Narkowicz
Research Fellow



I was born in Poland and grew up in Sweden where I completed a Master’s Degree in Ethnology and Gender Studies at University of Stockholm (2001-2004). During my studies I also worked as a freelance journalist, focusing on issues around gender, sexuality and race/ethnicity. I then studied abroad for a couple of years in Australia (QUT) and in Poland (Jagiellonian University) to then move to London to work and complete an MSc at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Between 2010-2014 I worked on my PhD in Human Geography at the University of Sheffield. My thesis, entitled ‘Antagonisms, Alliances and Friendships: Religious and Sexual Politics in the Polish Public Sphere’ focussed on tensions around religion/secularism, Islamophobia/Race and Gender/Sexual politics and was supervised by Prof Gill Valentine and Prof Richard Phillips. The PhD was part of a wider European Research Council project entitled ‘LiveDifference: How do we live in difference in the 21st century?’ led by Gill Valentine.

After finishing my PhD I worked as a researcher at the Woolf Institute (University of Cambridge) working on two projects: inter-faith grassroots activism in the UK and Muslims and End of Life Care. I joined The University of York in May 2015 to work with Dr Nisha Kapoor on the ESRC funded project ‘Race and Citizenship in the Context of the War on Terror’.



My research interests fall within the intersections and entanglements of the following themes:

  • Islamophobia and Racism
  • Feminist and Sexual politics
  • Religion, Secularism and Post-Secularism
  • Postcolonial theory (particularly applied to the Central Eastern European context)
  • Public sphere and group conflict
  • Poland (particularly Islam, Catholicism and Secularism)

The project I am currently working on is entitled ‘Race and Citizenship in the Context of the War on Terror’. The research investigates the growing insecurity of citizenship with a particular focus on different forms of citizenship removal and exclusion and their racial dimensions. This is a three-year ESRC funded project led by Nisha Kapoor that started January 2015.


Selected publications

Narkowicz, K., Pędziwiatr, K.(2016, online first) From Unproblematic to Contentious: Mosques in Poland. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2016.1194744

Narkowicz, K. (2014) The Rise of Polish Islamophobia. Baltic Worlds, Vol. VII: 2-3, p. 12-13

Gawlewicz, A., Narkowicz, K. (2015) Islamophobia on the Move: Circulation of Anti-Muslim prejudice between Poland and the UK In: Suleiman, Y. (ed.) Muslims in the UK and Europe I.Centre of Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge: Cambridge, pp. 90-100


Blogs and Media

Narkowicz, K. (2016) 'Re-emerging Racisms: Understanding Hate in Poland', Discover Society, http://discoversociety.org/2016/06/01/re-emerging-racisms-understanding-hate-in-poland/ 

Narkowicz, K. (2015) Upsurge in Islamophobia in Poland, The Muslim News, 24 December 2015, http://muslimnews.co.uk/newspaper/islamophobia/upsurge-in-islamophobia-in-poland/

Narkowicz, K. (2015) Feminism. Global Social Theory. Globalsocialtheory.org/topics/feminism


Reports and Policy

Narkowicz, K., Cohen, S. (2016) Near Neighbours Evaluation Report 2016, Woolf Institute, University of Cambridge, UK

Narkowicz, K., Cohen, S. (2015) Near Neighbours Evaluation Report 2015, Woolf Institute, University of Cambridge, UK


Conference papers Reports and Policy Blogs and Media

Narkowicz, K. (2016) Depriving the right to have rights: Race, Citizenship and Removal in Terrorising Times, BSA Annual Conference, Birmingham

Narkowicz, K. and Pędziwiatr, K. (2015) Islamophobia (almost) without Muslims - The Case of Poland, RGS Annual Conference, Exeter.

Narkowicz, K. (2014) Unveiling Feminism: Women’s rights discourses and Islamophobia, CBEES Annual Conference, Södertörns Högskola, December, Stockholm, Sweden

Narkowicz, K. (2014) Conflicts, Trust and Friendships: Navigating Religious and Secular Politics, Living with Difference, The Future of Social Relations: Rethinking Prejudice and Togetherness in Times of Crisis, University of Sheffield, May, Sheffield, UK

Narkowicz, K. (2014) Looking towards non-secular encounters in the city of Warsaw. American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, April, Florida, USA

Narkowicz, K. (2014): Panel Session Chair: Secularism & Secularisation, International Postgraduate Conference on Central and Eastern Europe, School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES), UCL, February, London, UK

Narkowicz, K. (2013) A Mosque in the Catholic City: Catholic, Muslim and Secular Tensions in Post-Communist Warsaw. American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, April, Los Angeles, USA

Narkowicz, K. (2012) Catholic, Secular and Muslim tension in the public sphere (NGO workshop presentation), Political Critique, Warsaw, Poland

Narkowicz, K. (2011) Contested Spaces: Group Identities and Competing Rights in Transitioning Warsaw.(Symposium paper) Religion, Normativity and the Spirit of Critical Geography, Symposium of the Geography of Religion, Spirituality and Faith Working Group (GRSFWG), August, London, UK

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