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Harald Fredheim
Research Associate



Harald joined the Department of Sociology in May 2018 as a Research Associate on the Profusion theme (directed by Sharon Macdonald) of the AHRC-funded Heritage Futures project. He holds an MA in Principles of Conservation and an MSc Conservation for Archaeology and Museums, both from University College London, and is currently on leave from his AHRC-funded Collaborative Doctoral Award with the Council for British Archaeology and the Department of Archaeology at the University of York.

His PhD research explores the ways in which heritage organisations work to increase public participation in caring for heritage places in the UK during austerity. Harald also coordinates the Association of Critical Heritage Studies Early Career Researchers Network.



Harald situates his research within the emerging interdisciplinary field of critical heritage studies. His research is critical in that its subjects and methods are influenced by critical social theory and critical pedagogy. His interests in heritage therefore primarily relate to how conceptualisations of heritage shape heritage practices and how these in turn both influence and are influenced by current social issues and attitudes. Focusing on the intersection of public participation and how pasts are mobilised in the present allows his research to span traditionally distinct heritage domains and engage with current issues relating to topics such as labour, race, migration, public space and digital technology. Harald is particularly interested in collaborative and creative approaches to knowledge generation, critical perspectives on participatory practice and in exploring non-participation.

Harald’s research on the Profusion theme of the Heritage Futures project draws on his interests in conceptualisations of heritage, value judgements in heritage decision-making processes, participatory approaches and perceptions of heritage expertise to explore how smaller museums attempt to curate sustainable social history collections.


Selected publications

Fredheim, L. H., forthcoming. Experts and Stakeholders. In S. L. López Varela (ed.), The SAS Encyclopedia of Archaeological Sciences. Wiley.

Fredheim, L. H., 2018. Endangerment-driven Heritage Volunteering: Democratisation or ‘Changeless Change’International Journal of Heritage Studies. 24 (6), 619-633.

Cutajar, J. D., Duckor, A., Sully, D. and Fredheim, L. H., 2016. A Significant Statement: New Outlooks on Treatment DocumentationJournal of the Institute of Conservation 39 (2), 81-97.

Fredheim, L. H., 2016. Sustaining Places in Action: Facilitating Community Involvement in Heritage Stewardship by Co-Creation. In T. Collins, G. Kindermann, C. Newman and N. Cronin (eds.) Landscape Values: Place and Praxis. Galway: Centre for Landscape Studies, NUI Galway, 115-121.

Fredheim, L., H. and Khalaf, M., 2016. The Significance of Values: Heritage Value Typologies Re-examinedInternational Journal of Heritage Studies 22 (6), 466-481.

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Harald Fredheim
Research Associate
Department of Sociology
University of York
YO10 5DD