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New publication for Dr Ben Vincent

Posted on 6 April 2018

Sociology academic tackles healthcare strategies for gender diverse patients

Dr Ben Vincent, Associate Lecturer in Sociology, is set to bring out a new publication in June. The volume, entitled ‘Transgender Health: A Practitioner's Guide to Binary and Non-Binary Trans Patient Care’, is intended as a complete guide for health professionals in their care of gender diverse patients.

This guide provides accessible and practical advice on tailoring the social and ethical aspects of practice to the needs of each individual. Beyond setting out how clinical procedures should work for gender reassignment, it explains how to use language and pronouns in a respectful way, provides information on transgender services and resources, and offers insights into the challenges commonly faced by transgender people in both medical and social contexts.

With a foreword by Dr Stuart Lorimer of GenderCare, the book is based on cutting edge research and Ben’s lived experience as a non-binary person. It is available to pre-order on Amazon now.