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AHRC research grant for investigation into antimicrobial resistance

Posted on 7 July 2017

Pathways, Practices and Architectures will compare the way cystic fibrosis clinics attempt to stop infections from spreading.

Antibiotics may suppress infections without eliminating them, giving rise to antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) bacteria and cross-infection. Our research compares the way three outpatient lung infection clinics attempt to control AMR and cross-infection through the design, practices and architectural layout of their built environments.

Pathways, Practices and Architectures: Containing Antimicrobial Resistance in the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic (PARC) is led by Nik Brown (PI) with Sarah Nettleton, Chrissy Buse, Daryl Martin, Alan Lewis, Lynne Chapman, Mike Brockhurst, Craig Winstanley.

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