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Posted on 3 November 2011

Iwona Machoczek is visiting the department for a month and working in SATSU. She is giving a talk on Thursday 17th November at 1.15pm in W/231D. Her title is "Cord Blood - An Analysis of the Social Issues During the Extraction, Conservation and Practice" .

Iwona graduated from the University of Darmstadt (Germany) in October 2011 with a MA in Sociology, Psychology and Business Economics. At the University of Darmstadt. She was working together with Prof. Dr. Alexandra Manzei special field of Science and Technology Studies. Iwona wrote her thesis about the theme “Cord blood – an analysis of the social issues during the extraction, conservation and practice”. She is interested in the areas relevant to Science and Technology Studies, stem cells, transplantation, biobanking.

 Iwona is based at the university of Darmstadt and has recently completed a study of cord blood banking in Germany. She is developing a collaborative research proposal with Nik Brown, who is currently undertaking similar work within the UK context.

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